HELLSCREAM Unleashes “Made Immortal”

HELLSCREAM is the brainchild of renowned Heavy Metal Vocalist Norman Skinner (previously with the epic band “Imagika” and currently for “Skinner” and “Dire Peril”) and Guitar Shredder Dave Garcia (from the legendary heavy metal band “Cage”). The two joined forces in 2012 to create their own heavy/power metal sound.

Skinner and Garcia collaborated to write, record and produce a virtual metal masterpiece and they are now prepared to unleash their beast…. rising from the depths below, you must heed the calling of “Made Immortal”!

1. Hellscream
2. Mind Reapers
3. Made Immortal
4. Phoenix (We’ll Rise)
5. The Gorgon Stare
6. The Great Collector
7. Last Charge Of A Bloody Brigade
8. VII
9. Act Of God
10. When Forever Ends
11. Worldwide Divide

Lyrically the songs allude to complex human fears like the end of the world, death, sin, immortality, alien control and more.  You scream, I scream, we all scream for ……..HELLSCREAM!!!!

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