Herida Profunda and Hellbastard – Split LP

Herida Profunda 8/10
Hellbastard 9.5/10

In October of last year, UK/Polish Grind/crust act Herida Profunda teamed up with HellBastard for a split 12″ and fuuuuuuuuuuuck is it ever good.

Herida Profunda gets the ball rolling with their 9-tracks, including intro and outro, and the outro is twice as long as the average actual song. They don’t make you wait too long before givin’ you some of that good old Polish sausage.

After fifty-three seconds of the intro, HP dive right in with “Eat Before Rot,” a blistering Trash/Death metal track that starts with a tasty Slayer-esq soloed guitar riff and steamrolls through the next minute at change. These guys give me a Vader-vibe minus the solos, which makes a lot of sense since both bands are Polish (more or less), and Vader pretty much perfected Death/Thrash over a decade ago. Track three, “,” is a bit of a curve ball, though. Gone is the Death thrash, and enter Crusty Madball with death vocals! WOOT! Okay, maybe not quite that but…just check it out and you’ll see what I mean. They didn’t all of a sudden became a hardcore band; rather they sound like a Polish death metal band that is influenced by Madball, or any of their predecessors. Great groove, cool ‘breakdown-esq’ parts, and points on keeping it interesting. As good as a full album based on their first track would have been, I dig the diversity.

For the rest of their side, HP weave their way through killer death metal riffs to more groove-laden riffs that bring to mind that old New York Hardcore style that I love so dearly. Not going to lie, I dig this. HP have struck up a good balance between the styles and keep the songs interesting till the very end. Say what you will about my choice of comparisons, but check this out and you’ll get what I’m talking about.

This is the second band I’ve reviewed in a few months with the word ‘bastard’ in the name, (Maybe, a Hellbastard/Horsebastard split next?), and Horsebastard set the bar pretty high so, I was pretty stoked to hear what Hellbastard had to offer.

And wow! For a band that started all the way back when I was sperm (1985), UK’s Hellbastard haven’t lost a quantum of their attitude and vitriol. They lean firmly on the Punk/Thrash side of the musical spectrum, and frankly it either sounds like it was recorded by a band in the late 80s at the top of their game or a modern young band at the top of their game trying to be a classic thrash/punk band. HellBastard’s offerings to this split are fierce and anything but boring. The whole thing starts with the oddest intro song,“In Praise of Cats,” that seems more fit for a C-list Nightwish (yeah, you read that right. But the side quickly redeems itself within seconds of “Engineering Human Consciousness.” This track is seeping with that classic Thrash machismo you-know and love, and doesn’t let up an ounce over the course of their side.

“Big Business Pighole” opens with a riff that screams Pantera, while “Going Postal” is a full-on thrash attack so fierce I had to stop writing this review to circle pit around my apartment.

The album closer, “Wolfsong-To The Dead,” is more slow/mid-paced and is mostly a long, awesome buildup that eventually crescendos into a killer pantera-esq breakdown riff before ending.

I seriously don’t know how these guys aren’t A currently touring with Slayer, and B household names within the trash community. Somewhere, some label fucked up by not pouring a ton of money into this band.

Written by Paul Ablaze
edited by Danielle Kenedy

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Paul has lived in Montreal his whole life however he spent a considerable amount of time on tour over the last 7 years with his band Blackguard, which basically means he is bitter and jaded and an ideal candidate to write music reviews. He also enjoys pizza , screaming and Dead-lifting.

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