From Heroes to Legends – Facing the Unknown

This is here’s my first review, been a music junkie since I can remember, and always enjoy simply putting on an album and taking it all in – seems it’s a dying art in itself these days. So as a self-proclaimed music junkie, thought I’d give this a go when the opportunity came up.

With that, my first go was checking out From Heroes To Legends’ first album release, Facing The Unknown. I thought it a fun title as that’s just what I was experiencing with reviewing, and I wasn’t expecting the great Samuel L. Jackson’s voice to be the first thing I hear hitting play on the title track “Facing The Unknown.” A classic quote from Pulp Fiction, blending with the haunting sounds by the band – always a nice start.

As I anticipated the bullets that follow this famous delivery by Mr.Jackson, I was instead shot by pulsing drums (anything that makes me feel thrown up against a wall is a win my books), wicked growls and screams with “Limbo,” and I found myself being drawn into these Washington deathcore cats’ sound. I then got pulled in further by “Jackals And Sheep,” hitting me again with those drums and a swine vocal touch just made it better. Also noted, my head was bobbing (unintentionally) from the groove (I noticed words began to move as I wrote – and was sober).

It’s from here on my ears started to feel funny, however. “Planetary Devastation” comes in fighting, but then there’s these clean vocals almost out of the blue… it kind of threw me off as I thought they were doing great without them. To be fair, sometimes vocals get a little too clean in studio, so maybe it works better live, but in this case, it doesn’t quite jive. “Horizon” sadly re-affirmed that for me. While catchy, this track seems an odd fit on the album.

The rest of the album compensates well, so all is forgiven. I’m curious to see these guys live – I think they have a sound that would be better represented onstage. Overall, I think this album’s a good first for From Heroes To Legends, and I’m interested to see what they put out in the future. If metal bands were steaks, I’d say these guys are a medium-rare…not light enough for indigestion, but not so heavy for constipation. I’d recommend Facing The Unknown for you folks into screams, yet crave a side of groovy.

Written by Angie Radczenko

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Angie Radczenko is a self-professed music junkie. Maybe it started having been named after the Rolling Stones song Angie. Michael Jackson was the first thing she remembers getting into, and now she listens to everything from Justin Timberlake to Brutal Truth. She let her ears and brain do their thing and it’s an addiction. She needs to feed for her survival. When given the chance to write/photograph for Bucketlist she couldn’t say no. She loves to write n’ shoot, and discover new music. She’s just another asshole with an opinion, but that’s just her opinion.

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