Hip Hop Artist Myer Clarity Releases New Record “BYOB”

The name buzzing it’s way into industry conversation this year belongs to young indie hip hop artist Myer Clarity. With his “Meet Me @ The Park” video boasting 30k views and with three rural Ontario tours under his belt in the last year alone, the green-haired Toronto artist delivers his long awaited 12 song studio album “BYOB” to fans across the country this week, showing no signs of slowing down.

The album, which hit digital retailers Monday, August 24th, is Myer’s first project since his 2011 full-length Nostalgic Tomorrows which featured appearances from viral video ‘fast rap’ sensation Mac Lethal and 3-time Juno award winner Moka Only. This time around, BYOB invites a newer, more mature and developed Myer Clarity, brandishing an ear-catching masterful blend of pop-punk and hip hop. His unique sound has already invited numerous alluring comparisons, a favourite being “NOFX meets Gym Class Heroes”. Riding off the success of his latest single “She Won’t, featured as MusicOntario’s video of the week (March 2015), “BYOB” is already well on it’s way to being the next big independent release out of Toronto.

Stitched together by a series of hysterical candid audio blips recorded at his hometown (Montreal) going away party, the album surfs extremes from lighthearted party anthems to melancholic indie rock introspection. Songs like “Growing Pains” featuring Maya Malkin of Motel Raphael, relay Myer Clarity’s depth as a writer as he touches on more personal aspects of his life, recounting the death of his mother and best friend, and his subsequent battles with drugs and alcohol; whereas songs like “Beer Goggles” embrace a much more light-hearted up tempo nature, with witty risqué word play and catchy hooks that invite themselves into your head for weeks on end. For all its ups and it’s downs, BYOB positions itself as a pop-punk/hip hop project sure to capture the hearts and playlists of the indie-alternative college crowd.

With Facebook advertising and blog sharing campaigns being the norm for independent releases, Myer Clarity goes one step further and joins forces with internet personality David Adelmen of DadelHouse Productions to create an online viral video series entitled “Punk in Drublic”. The short web-series features on-the-street Q&As, acoustic renditions of new songs, backstage tour footage, and a “Drunk Review” segment where the record is critiqued by other buzzing artists in the Toronto hip hop and punk scenes.

The future is looking bright for Myer Clarity. With an eight-week extensive college radio campaign and an American tour on the horizon, you’ll be seeing a lot more of this ambitious young man. “BYOB” is now available on iTunes and Spotify; will you call in a noise complaint, or will you join the party?

Purchase the album here on iTunes.

Header Photo by Illvibe

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