Humanities Release Split With Fellow Torontonians Low Sun Entitled “Human Sun”

Humanities are excited to announce that they have released new music in the form of a split-release. This is their first shared material since their debut EP in 2015.

Listen to the first single, “Drone War Data Nil” here:

The split, titled Human Sun, came out on Art of the Uncarved Block and marks their first collaboration with fellow Toronto band Low Sun who share their affinity for dynamic late 80s underground rock and making loud, expressive music. Each have two tracks on it and it was released July 13, 2017 in full.

Of Human Sun Humanities’ comments: “Both our songs are responses to ugly realities of the contemporary world we live in. ‘Drone War Data Nil’ brings an ironic, yet humane dimension to the world of drone strikes. We asked ourselves to imagine the odd reality of weapons controlled by automated machines. Where is the human dimension? Obviously it resides in those who are the objects of the strike, but what about the anonymous figures on the other side of the screen? This song imagines a love letter as one way to expose the inhuman side of these ‘smart’ weapons.”

You can order the split via Art of the Uncarved Block. Check out the split artwork!

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