I am waiting for you last summer – Together

I am waiting for you last summer - Together


Alright people, let me tell you about the EP Together by a band called I am waiting for you last summer, dubbed IWFYLS. You know, sometimes you just want to relax with some easy listening beats. Or maybe you’re studying and need some background music. Even if it’s just to lighten up your day, Together is a trip. Containing only three tracks, this short but sweet EP brought me to some magical places with the power of music. After a rough day at work, all I needed was to relax, so I played this EP and all my problems went away. Let me tell you why.

My knowledge of ambient, hip-hop groups is limited to Lofi Hip-hop playlists that I sometimes play on YouTube while I study (here are a few examples). I saw many similarities between the two, the major difference being the obvious higher sound and music quality produced by IWFYLS. Being unaware of this group, I can’t say if this is their thing, or it’s an experimental EP. Either way, I greatly enjoyed the work done by Alex Sokolov, Eugene Popov and Lev Nikitin. What’s fun about this sort of music is that the possibilities are endless. Artists are able to evoke emotions and stories with sounds, not necessarily needing lyrics. Each song is unique in the sounds it uses and with the stories it tries to tell.

The first track off this EP, “Run away with me,” put me in a field, running towards my dreams. Deep, right? The song has a more upbeat feel to it, with a psychedelic introduction that reminded me of a long day at the beach. The second track, “The Great Escape,” gave this sort of outer space vibe. I feel like it’s the sort of thing I could have heard if I was ever abducted by aliens; if the aliens were space DJs. The final track, “Will last forever,” is a softer and a great finish to this journey of an EP. It bathes you in soft beats, almost lying you down on a cloud as you float away.

At the end of this EP, I felt happier and ready to finish my day on a high note. These tracks brought me to some nice places and I’m sure it will do the same to you. So I suggest you take a seat, put this EP on and let the magic happen. Released in September of this year, grab yourself a copy and start your own journey!

Written by Johnathan Robinson
*edited by Mike Milito

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Some say he came from the land of ice and snow, while others believe that he was taken directly from the void and placed into the warm hands of the devil himself. To the general public, he blends into the crowd of rock n roll, with his long hair and beard, acting the part, but planning something sinister. His favourite habitats are that of concerts, where noise is abundant. A musician himself, he has somewhat forgotten about his sinister plans and instead turned to the art of musicianship. Along his journeys, he came across clan Bucketlist, who generously took him in, offering him shelter and aid. His plans of eternal doom seem far off now, as he writes, plays music and enjoys the occasional pint of ale with his allies. He'll probably remember the doom stuff one day... or not. To be honest, he's a pretty cool guy. Or so he thinks.

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