Indie Montreal Presents its Programming for Pop Montreal 2015

September 16 through September 20, 2015, Montréal will bounce to the beat of the Pop Montréal International Music Festival. During the event, Indie Montreal will present a programming of five diverse events, which include local and international bands like Royal CanoeAPigeonLakes of CanadaThe Elwins and Kroy  (Milk & Bone). The full programming is below.

On the afternoon of Sunday, September 20, come join the IMTL team at Divan Orange for free IMTL Day Party & Brunch.

It’s the perfect moment to come meet the IMTL team, discover the services we offer and what’s coming up for us for the rest of 2015.

Wednesday, September 16 – Club Lambi

9:30  | Our Book & The Authors

10:30 | APigeon

11:30 | Lakes of Canada

Info & Tickets
10,00 $  in advance  | 12,00 $ at the door (if not sold out)

Thursday, September 17 – Hémisphère Gauche
8:30   | Corinna Rose

9:30   | First You Get The Sugar

10:30 | Po Lazarus

11:30 | Static Gold

Info & Tickets
10,00 $  in advance  | 12,00 $ at the door (if not sold out)

Thursday, September 17 – Petit Campus
8:30   | Royal Streets

9:30   | Grey Lands

10:30 | The Elwins

11:30 | Royal Canoe

Info & Tickets
15,00 $

Sunday, September 20 – Divan Orange
Free Day Party & Brunch

1:00   | Beat Sexü

2:00   | APigeon

3:00   | KROY

4:00   | Debbie Tebbs


Sunday, September 20 – Quai Des Brumes
8:30   | Grand Lark

9:30   | Fast Romantics

10:30 | Human Human

11:30 | Choses Sauvages

Info & Tickets
10,00 $  in advance  | 12,00 $ at the door (if not sold out)


Indie Montreal (#IMTL) is a music company that offers a number of different services to artists and cultural organizations. We exist to open up new markets and new opportunities for the cultural sector.

Although we also work with large festivals, venues, other concert promoters and brands in various capacities, we identify as an artist development company for the province of Quebec, an often-elusive territory that consistently frightens off large majorities of the Anglophone music industry. As a multi-market concert promoter, we present approximately 200 concerts a year throughout Quebec and Ontario. We a quality of service appropriate for large companies and at rates that are affordable to self-managed artists and small festivals.

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