Instrumental Prog Metal trio Odyssey set to Release New Full-Length “Voids”

Active since 2007, Spokane, Washington based prog trio Odyssey have built up an impressive resume thus far as a prog band worth paying attention to. To date, the group already has five releases under their belt, and will very shortly drop their sixth release, Voids, on February 5th 2016. Voids stands as the groups 3rd full-length record, and at almost 50 minutes, gives open minded prog music heads a lot of gorgeous music to explore. Over the course of time, this talented instrumental trio has worked hard to build a multi-faceted sound that appeals to more than just the typical instrumental metal fan base. Oddysey do so by crafting their songs with an aggressive and thrashing side to it that’s liberally peppered with massive headbang friendly grooves. Odyssey have won plenty of praise over the years for their unique brand of instrumental prog metal, but Voids just might be their finest musical statement yet.

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