Interstate Snake – Y.O.T.S. (Year of the Snake)

Y.O.T.S. (Year of the Snake) is the second official mixtape from Virginia-based hip-hop artist Interstate Snake. The mixtape consists of eighteen tracks, some of which are skits.

The intro to this mixtape, with it’s Arabic musical flair and clever word play using the term ‘dunyah’ (which in Arabic means the material world), left me with high hopes for spending an enjoyable hour listening to some quality tracks. Though filled with catchy beats and featuring a number of talented artists, nothing about this mixtape seemed to really hook me. The tracks. repetitive, full of rap clichés, and lacking substance, seem to run together. While I did notice my head bobbing along to the beat a few times, I found myself enjoying the featured artists more than Interstate Snake himself.  Many of the hooks seems to repeat, leaving me to wonder how many times I would hear the same things over and over. In addition, the skits throughout the album left me shaking my head and rolling my eyes.

While a bit of a let down as a whole, there were a few tracks on the album that did catch my attention. “My Brother”, which features Tone Trump and Bezo, left me with a vivid image painted in my mind. The wordplay of each artist blended together to create a wonderful track that I would recommend to anyone.

More than anything, though, this mixtape, as mentioned before, lacks substance and creativity. Many of the lyrics fell lightly on my ears as I sought to hear the truth and soul behind the music that gives it that ear-catching, stuck-in-your-head feeling. While some of the tracks may have caught my attention, as did “Trap Rackz” which features GWOP, this mixtape, in general, is a disappointment. Aside from a few good verses and beats, there’s nothing fresh about the content of the album. For these reasons, I probably would not recommend it to anyone.

Written by Gigi

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Gigi is currently a student at Concordia University, studying History and Cultural Anthropology and is overtly curious about the affect music has on people and the world. Gigi was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario and moved to Montreal in late 2011 to pursue academics. She grew up listening to old school rock and EDM in her mom’s car, Portuguese music at home and Latin music at her aunt’s house, all of which contributed to an eclectic taste in music. She listens to almost anything from Disney to Slayer and everything in-between if it’s well written and produced. She even once entertained the dream of doing Broadway and got a vocal coach, though her dance classes were Hip-Hop so she's not quite sure that would have worked out so well.

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