Jack White’s Third Man Records to Host Literal “Launch” Parties

Jack White’s eccentric record label, Third Man Records is about to make the word “album launch” literal. To commemorate their seven year anniversary, as well as their 3 millionth record pressed, the musician has helmed a project to play the first phonographic record in space, as reported by Rolling Stone.

The label announced in a statement Monday that they would be showcasing their attempt on July 30th. The record chosen for the project is a 12” gold-plated copy of A Glorious Dawn, which the Third Man Records site describes as, “a moving arrangement of [Carl] Sagan’s sagacious words culled from his magnificent Cosmos series.” The gold-plated record is the label’s aforementioned 3 millionth record pressed.

Third Man Records had a “space-proof” turntable (pictured above), the ICARUS Craft, custom-built for the operation, entrusting the task to Kevin Carrico, “who has NASA in his blood”, and who’s behind the restoration of several of Third Man’s Machines, including their notorious recording booth. The turntable is to be transported into space by a high-altitude balloon, also designed by Carrico. Third Man and Carrico were joined for the project by non-profit organization Students and Teachers In Near Space (SATINS), an organization which aims to provide “high atmospheric launch kits” in order to transport student experiments to and from space.

In true Third Man Records fashion, the label will be holding literal “launch parties” at their two locations on July 30th. If you can make it to their Detroit store, the ICARUS Craft will be on display, and Kevin Carrico will be present for the party. The pre-recorded footage of the record playing in space will stream at their parties and online, though the exact details of how to stream it have not yet been released.

Although he’s never done anything quite so out of this world yet, it must be noted that Jack White has been known to break records in the past. Around nine years ago, Jack White claimed to set the record for shortest concert, as he played a single note with then-band The White Stripes, in Newfoundland. More recently, his album Lazaretto took the record for “fastest released record,” and he later held the record for most vinyl sales since 1991. After this latest stunt, one can only wonder how he’ll try to top this in the future.

Written by Franca G. Mignacca

*edited by Kate Erickson

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