Music is something that happens all over the world. If you didn’t know that, let me give you some sweet knowledge my friends. We at Bucketlist love nothing more than getting music from all over the world and, for me personally, having the chance to grow my ‘World Music’ playlist is always a joy. It’s a chance to learn about different lives and listen to different stories. Tired of the same sound, the same lyrics, and the same subject matter? Go look at the music made over the sea for some refreshing and amazing music. JARS, a three-piece from Moscow, Russia consisting of members Anton, Vova, and Sasha, have definitely found their way into my playlist with their new album ПОДЛОГ.  Now, let’s see if I can convince you to add them to yours or even buy their album!

So, can I understand anything there saying? Nope, not at all. But let me tell you why that doesn’t matter. When the meaning of the lyrics escapes you because of a language barrier, they become part of the music, almost like an instrument. In the case of JARS, the brutal vocal style adds great tension and violence to the already intense music being played. Fans of heavy music will feel right at home here: JARS take no prisoners. Their “in your face” style of playing is reminiscent of the extreme punk scene of the 90s, yet with just enough of that classic metal to cater to the Doom and Metal guys, while also venturing into the noise rock region.

For a trio, their sound is big and diverse. In five songs, we get an experimental artsy opener, crushing riffs, speeding solos as well as an instrumental final track, called “БИСАЙД,” which, considering how picky I am with my instrumental songs, is surprisingly my favourite one amongst the five excellent songs. It’s a nine-minute track which starts slow but quickly delves into chaos, switching atmospheres with ease. I found myself zoning out while listening to it and what was nine minutes felt much shorter.

It’s hard to find a negative aspect about this album, so I won’t even try. There is always room to improve and I’m positive JARS has a lot to offer, but when the music is this well crafted, I refuse to fish for negative points. Keep an eye out for future work by these guys and support the music!

Written by Johnathan Robinson
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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Some say he came from the land of ice and snow, while others believe that he was taken directly from the void and placed into the warm hands of the devil himself. To the general public, he blends into the crowd of rock n roll, with his long hair and beard, acting the part, but planning something sinister. His favourite habitats are that of concerts, where noise is abundant. A musician himself, he has somewhat forgotten about his sinister plans and instead turned to the art of musicianship. Along his journeys, he came across clan Bucketlist, who generously took him in, offering him shelter and aid. His plans of eternal doom seem far off now, as he writes, plays music and enjoys the occasional pint of ale with his allies. He'll probably remember the doom stuff one day... or not. To be honest, he's a pretty cool guy. Or so he thinks.

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