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I met Joey Langlois at the Recording Arts Canada talent show held a few weeks ago, where I had the pleasure to review Straight Jacket. Joey and I exchanged digits, and he gave me a call a few days later to introduce a very inspirational project he was working on.

Meubles et Monde (Furniture and People), a non-profit organization put together by Julien Desrochers, helps the less fortunate who have just immigrated to Canada to furnish their homes. They collect used or unwanted furniture and cover cost and transportation to deliver the furniture. Langlois happens to be friends with Desrochers and both being avid lovers of music, decided to partner up and come together with this amazing idea of blending music and community love. All profits from Joey’s EP Spin Around Me goes towards this organization. When Joey told me about this, I was immediately inspired and so stoked to listen to his music. “Coming from a self-centered reflection, process and struggle, this EP is to encourage selfless motives, selfless actions and selfless life. Areas I have to grow in so much, at least now I have a song to sing to remind myself,” says Langlois.

I was on my way to work when I listened to “Maybe just Maybe”, and it put a smile on my face. According to me, a very uplifting song that recounts a feeling of beinglost in a memory of hope and nostalgia for a better time and the acceptance of living in the moment which is something I can relate to at this point in my life. Langlois’ optimistic chorus “Maybe just maybe, you and I baby could work, Distance and time are no mountain to climb, When you’re on the other side” is something I enjoyed singing along to, and caught myself having this song in my head moments after listening to it. I pictured myself driving down a deserted road on a hot summer day alone with my thoughts and smiles. I can hear this being played on the radio.

The EP features a wide variety of instruments such as the cello, violin, mandolin, trumpet, and triangle, along with Denise Trimm doing back-up vocals in “Put Yourself Together”. It has a much faster, more pop-rock feel compared to “Maybe just Maybe” but again with inspiring lyrics such as “There’s no one stopping you, Except for your excuses, You’ve got a gift my friend, Just man up and use it”. I think Joey Langlois is going to go far with his catchy choruses, acoustic melodies, and beautiful voice.

The EP has been mastered by George Seara, who has also worked with artists such as Rhianna and Finger Eleven. A physical copy of the EP will be released October 25th, 2013.

“Community is another thing I know has a huge impact, and that’s when I realized that I want my music to do more than affect the inner thoughts of people who listen to it, but also the outer reality that people around me live with every day.”

For more on Joey Langlois, please visit his Bandcamp page at:

Written by Liz Imperiale

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