Jon Savitt – Jon Savitt Sings Bad Love Songs

Jon Savitt – Jon Savitt Sings Bad Love Songs


At this point in history, we’ve already been mixing up genres for a while now. So why not mix it up even more and combine different entertainment mediums? Right, that’s also been done before, but it’s nonetheless an interesting idea. The possibilities are limitless, or so they seem. Jon Savitt challenges the borders between music and comedy in his new album Jon Savitt Sings Bad Love Songs, but unfortunately, things aren’t as they should be. From Minneapolis, Minnesota, Savitt is a songwriter and comedian who makes attempts at being funny while playing the guitar. The album is an all-around great effort, but falls short of being good, here’s why.

First thing I’d want to address, is the vocals. Next to the crispy clean sounding instruments that are played simply yet beautifully, the vocals sound like they were recorded with a microwave. It somewhat detaches from the whole experience, especially when the lyrics are half of what this album is. Savitt’s voice itself isn’t really the problem, though I get the feeling he hasn’t truly found his right tone yet. It feels forced, strained and sometimes off tune. Yet, you can hear the talent in there on “Swipe Right,” where he keeps it simple.

The comedy aspect didn’t really stick with me. Half the time, I was more focused on the music and then forgot that this was supposed to be humorous. There aren’t many actual jokes, as most of the lyrics are more of a comedic narrative. It’s like if Savitt is telling “funny stories,” yet as I mentioned before, the problem with the vocals detaches from the experience. But speaking of the music, although there isn’t anything really spectacular, I enjoyed the jazzy and melodic feel a lot of his songs had. “Dead to Me” had a very good piano part and I actually replayed that one to hear it again. All in all, the album is somewhat saved by the musicianship which explores a few different avenues and makes it worth a listen. You might also smile, but I’m not guaranteeing you’ll laugh out loud.

Written by Johnathan Robinson
*edited by Mike Milito

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Some say he came from the land of ice and snow, while others believe that he was taken directly from the void and placed into the warm hands of the devil himself. To the general public, he blends into the crowd of rock n roll, with his long hair and beard, acting the part, but planning something sinister. His favourite habitats are that of concerts, where noise is abundant. A musician himself, he has somewhat forgotten about his sinister plans and instead turned to the art of musicianship. Along his journeys, he came across clan Bucketlist, who generously took him in, offering him shelter and aid. His plans of eternal doom seem far off now, as he writes, plays music and enjoys the occasional pint of ale with his allies. He'll probably remember the doom stuff one day... or not. To be honest, he's a pretty cool guy. Or so he thinks.

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