Kadavar with Ruby the Hatchet and Immortal Bird – Live at Les Foufounes Electriques – December 15th, 2019 – Montreal, QC

What better way to get into the holiday spirit than seeing a band named Kadavar!

So, Sunday December 15th I found myself at Foufounes to enjoy quite a show put on by Extensive Enterprise.

Immortal Bird

Opening up was Immortal Bird from Chicago, Illinois. According to their Wikipedia page, Immortal Bird’s current members are Rae Amitay on vocals, John Picillo on bass, Nate Madden on guitar and Matt Korajczyk on drums. Now, maybe I’m getting old but I’m pretty sure there was a fifth member on stage with keyboards and/or synth. Perhaps this is just for live shows. Rae did mention that they are currently on their own tour but would being joining Kadavar and Ruby the Hatchet for this particular show. They played a short set but were certainly the most metal band of the evening with blast beats, heavy guitars, and growling/screaming vocals. I don’t think they really mentioned any track names but did say their new album Thrive on Neglect is now available. If you want to preview it, check out their track “Vestigial Warnings.”

Ruby The Hatchet

Next up was a more rock n’ roll type of set from Ruby the Hatchet coming out of Philadelphia. Members Jillian Taylor on vocals, Johnny Scarps on guitar, Lake Muir on bass, Owen Stewart on drums and Sean Hur playing the organ took the stage. This group was quite animated with Taylor dancing and being very expressive with her signing. Hur played the organ while in some musical trance, and the band as a whole just completely engaged in their music. Two of the tracks I caught were “Killer” and “Pagan Ritual” from their 2017 album Planetary Space Child which you can listen to it on their Bandcamp. Their set seemed short but they were a great second opener to segue from Immortal Birds to Kadavar.

Speaking of which…

“Ooohh the Germans are coming!”   … specifically coming from Berlin was, Kadavar.

I must say, they certainly do not live up to the name Kadavar… they are anything but a lifeless corpse. They were loud, lively, and very entertaining. The three long haired dudes look like they just stepped out of a time machine from an ABBA show in 1980. Looks can be deceiving though as this trio embodied that which is rock n’ roll. Hard bass rifts, fast-pace drums, technical guitar playing, and vocals that are aggressive but clear. They’ve referred to themselves as Germany’s “classic rock overlords” and it’s a well-deserved title. They are currently on tour with their fifth studio album, For the Dead Travel Fast under the Nuclear Blast label. Members Christoph “Lupus” Lindemann on guitar and vocals, Christoph “Tiger” Bartelt on drums, and Simon “Dragon” Bouteloup on bass were solid on stage.


It was my first time seeing them and I was previously unfamiliar but can tell you they are the type of band you can easily listen to an entire album without skipping any tracks or enjoy a full live set where it’s consistently solid. If you want to get an idea of their sound you can check out videos for a few tracks they performed live, “Die Baby Die,””The Old Man,” from their 2015 album Berlin, and the track they ended with “Come Back to Life.”

There was no encore but they gave the audience a full set and as they say, left us wanting more.

Written by Joey Beaudin
Photography by Nicolas Racine
*edited by Danielle Kenedy
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