Kanaan – Double Sun


If elevator music was good it would be the opening track for Double Sun, the latest album from Norwegion trio band Kanaan. After releasing the single Of Raging Billows Breaking on the Ground” at the beginning of this year, they released their six-song album at the end of April and it just might be worth your time and ears.

Now, normally anytime a friend is urging me to listen to some tunes and they proceed to tell me the band is from Norway, well I get ready for some heavy ass shit. But not this time, my friends. This psychedelic, jazz fusion rock just kinda floats you away! The first song “Worlds Together” slowly brings you into the picture and you feel some summertime vibes. To be honest, this mellow hippie girl was almost worried it might be a tad too boring but when you hear drummer Ingvald André come out with a steady beat on the second track, “Mountain,” the ears definitely perk up and my fears were put to rest.

The album flows nicely, perhaps too nicely ‘cause I did not notice a few track changes. That being said, I kinda liked it flowing in and out while I poured myself a little wine and I puttered about lighting candles and choosing essential oils for my diffusers. Where am I going with this? There was a mood, and I was enjoying it! I especially dug the last two tracks, they were probably my favourites, “Double Sun Pt 1” and “Double Sun Pt 2.” The opening of part one totally kept me guessing. It started out almost with a Janis Joplin Big brother and the holding company “Summertime style intro and somehow thirty seconds later, I was feeling Portishead only to be taken to a more modern Elephant9 sound. Part two is kinda cheesy with a space sounding intro but what can I say that guitar hook by Ask Vatn Strøm is pretty catchy.

The boys have said this album was a labour of love and it sounds like they were very proud to be working with their team and record company (Elparaiso Records). You totally hear the stress-free feel that you get from albums where the musicians are doing what they want and are really jamming. I do not know if Double Sun will be a regular on my personal playlist but if I had enough room to have a social distance backyard party I would put this on 100%.

Written by Desiree Fancey
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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