Kill of Rights – Live at Katacombes – July 4th, 2014 – Montreal, Quebec

Kill of Rights - July 4th, 2014 - Montreal, Quebec

Another gorgeous night in Montreal, clear skies and crowded streets brought us once again to Katacombes for an evening of thrash metal. It was Kill of Rights’ third set and after having the pleasure of getting to know Eddie Shahini a little more during an earlier phone interview, I was excited to see what these guys would bring to the stage. Four bands were set to play tonight in the following order: Kruhl, Canceric, Kill of Rights, and Abyssed.

I was a little concerned as to why the evening was running a little late. I decided to catch Kruhl’s set after only seeing them play once competing for the Wacken Battle Canada. These guys definitely killofrights7delivered more tonight. The nerves were probably off because the crowd was an intimate group of friends gathered, and they weren’t competing to play for the biggest metal festival in Canada. I liked seeing this side. Gonzalo was cracking  jokes in between his roaring vocals and the band moved a lot more on stage. It was loud, raw, and really fun to watch. I also noticed Shahini catching some of the set as well.

After the set, we decided to go back outside and continue enjoying the weather, having some chats with Jon Asher of Asher Media Relations and running into other familiar faces. Finally, the time has arrived and Kill of Rights began their set. Shahini mentioned to me earlier in the night how he was a little nervous, and hoping they would have a good crowd. Unfortunately the crowd was not as big as I had hoped for and it is a shame because they fucking KILLED it.

These guys come from an insane musical background and have more experience than any of the bands playing the night – it is a shame they were not fully appreciated. killofrights2Jacques Dupuis clearly comes from a hardcore background as Shahini mentioned to me a while back. His energy on stage is pure punk rock. His whole attire screamed hardcore with the converse, black jeans, shaved head, and facial expressions of rage. This guy had more energy than many vocalists I have seen recently it was quite amazing to watch. He jumped and roared all over the place looking at you straight in the eye. He had a great interaction with the crowd.

Second track on the set, “Shadows in the Dark,” is a mix of high-pitched, scream-y vocals, breakdowns, and faster guitar riffs with killofrights8killer solos played by Bill Thompson in between. Shahini was spinning and jumping all over the place along with Dupuis. I wish I had the same energy. “Wake” reminded me a little bit of Motörhead mixed with some hardcore elements. The drums were a little bit off beat during the performance of this one but the energy stuck all throughout the nine song set. The performance of “Ghost Town” was my highlight, and my favourite KoR song. It starts out with a mellow acoustic riff, coupled with a heavy metal riff and takes you back to the 80s metal, then screams with hardcore influenced lyrics. “Will our lives rise again!” Overall, a great set that totally tired me out by the end. In a good way!

For full photo set click here.

Written by Liz Imperiale
Photography by Gabii H-Blanco

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