Killitorous, Crimson Shadows & Guests – Live at Cafe Dekcuf – January 23rd, 2015 – Ottawa, Ontario

On Friday night I ventured out to Cafe Dekcuf , a little music venue in the heart of downtown Ottawa, to check out local tech/death metal band Killitorous.

The diverse group features current and former members of Vital Remains, Blind Witness, Cryptopsy, The Kindred and Immersed, and they have recently released their new album Party, Grind. The band first came to my attention when I was briefly acquainted with drummer Eric Morotti while checking out some other local talent last winter. The band has been touring for a while now and I was fucking stoked to finally see them live.

When I arrived at the venue, Ominous Eclipse was warming up the small crowd that had gathered close to the stage. Unfortunately I was unable stick around for their set, along with Accursed Creation and A Scar For The Wicked, as I was interviewing guitarist Aaron Homma (Killitorous) and vocalist Jimi Maltais (Crimson Shadows) – which you can read about here. When I returned however, the beer had definitely started to flow and the crowd had nearly doubled in size.

Now, I was not familiar with Crimson Shadows who joined Killitorous on the Kings of Chaos tour, but I was instantaneously impressed by their sound. The Toronto band competed in Germany at the Wacken Metal Battle 2013 and claimed the title of ‘International Wacken Battle Champions’, getting them signed to Napalm Records – Fucking A boys! Maltais had the crowd amped up almost immediately: “I don’t care if you have short hair, long hair, NO hair, I want to see you fuckin’ head bang!”  I can assure you there wasn’t a still body in the building. There was a brief moment that stood out when Maltais and guitarist Greg Rounding started dancing, swaying their hips back and forth simultaneously – I couldn’t help but laugh. These guys had me sold from the start; they were ass loads of fun and entertaining to boot!

Finally Killitorous – quite literally the kings of chaos – made their way on stage, but before they began their set the guys gathered around Eric’s kit and put their hands together showing camaraderie. A calm before the storm seems appropriate because the place fucking blew up right afterwards. Vocalist Youri Raymond exploded on stage and into the crowd thrashing about with his fans. The band delivered a stellar performance with blast beats giving it a heavy foundation, and powerful, aggressive guitar solos accompanied by some reputable growled vocals. “Insanity as a Pathway to Fame and Fortune: The Life and Times of Gary Busey” (that’s a mouthful) was probably the pinnacle of the night for me with a demonic twist of the “Sweet Child O’ Mine” riff as the intro – pretty fucking rad. Also notable: When Jimi (Crimson Shadows) joined them on stage for “’Til Death Do Us Party” (which features Tyler Hoare from Blessed By A Broken Heart on the album Party, Grind). After a few songs, Youri humorously demanded that his merch guy fetch him a beer, to which a number of fans jumped at the chance to offer theirs instead. I think they would have given their left nut had he asked for that too. Ending the set with their most anticipated song “It’s Not Stanley, It’s Stan Lee”, these guys blew my mind and are a must-see for anybody who’s into head banging and having a good fucking time.

Written by Jamie Markell

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Jamie resides in Ingleside, a small town in eastern Ontario working as a Lab Tech Monday to Friday. On weekends you're likely to find her in Hamilton with her other half or checking out the music scene in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto - wherever it takes her. While she will listen to just about anything, her favourite bands include Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, Alexisonfire and Monster Truck.

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