Launchpad Mcquack announce new album

Launchpad Mcquack was formed in early 2013 by three Alternative Rock and Lo-Fi music enthusiasts. Alexandre and Danny we’re in an easycore band prior to Launchpad and wanted to take their music further as they felt they we’re limited by the whole pop-punk/easycore genre. They asked longtime drummer and Alexandre’s girlfriend Marissa to join the band and then, Launchpad Mcquack was born. The power trio is citing Sonic Youth, The Smashing pumpkins and Wavves as their primarily influences. Launchpad Mcquack aren’t just another generic band. They’re bringing aspects from the late 80’s Indie, the mid 90’s Alternative as well as the mid 00’s Lo-Fi into their sound. They are currently hard at work on  their debut album titled ¨No Hope¨ to be released in soon.

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