Laura Joy – Between Our Words


From the very second that Chicago artist Laura Joy’s latest folk-pop album, Between Our Words, begins playing, anyone who is listening will be reeled in, expecting a smooth and amusing little set of songs. Not only will these expectations be met, they will be far exceeded.

“Takes a While” is a catchy and fast tune, with a style that is very similar to the songs of Alanis Morissette. The lyrics, though repetitive, are well-written and relatable, as are the lyrics in the rest of the album. Joy’s voice is strong and beautiful, and will both pleasantly surprise you and blow you away. With its fun little pace, the repetition of the lyrics in the song never feel annoying or tedious; they are catchy enough to have the song playing in your head, but that is far from being a negative point.

“Courting Disaster” is expertly written in such a way that it is likely to remind you of your own bad dates or unfortunate romantic experiences. Its lyrics are beautifully subtle, hinting at the song’s meaning, but never shouting it out to you, so that they leave room for interpretation.

At first, when the opening chords of “Between Our Words” is played, you might think it is just part of the previous song as it sounds extremely similar. That being said, as the song progresses, the song becomes slower and less toe-tapping worthy, with a nearly melancholic undertone. Joy’s voice is outright mesmerising throughout this track and will have you completely absorbed into the album.

“Moving On” will fool you by sounding upbeat at the start. However, as the chords slow, you will find yourself paying attention to the song’s lyrics, which echo the feelings you have after a bad break-up, in a relatable and mildly heartbreaking manner. The track is a flawless addition to the folk genre, with vocals that are simultaneously soothing and strong, and a style similar to that of Joni Mitchell.

“Phoenix” wonderfully rounds off the album with its cozy feeling, and fun riff. It’s a fetching and endearing way to finish off the short but sweet album. The album as a whole will have you ready to tackle your day, and have you looking forward to hearing more of Laura Joy’s tracks. It is perfect for anyone looking for some fun, yet simple, folk-pop music.

Written By Franca G. Mignacca
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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