Le Revenant – Hollowed

Le Revenant - Hollowed


Advertised as “making emotive music that pays tribute to the lost,” Le Revenant is an alternative rock band that plays rough and loud. A three-piece right out of the streets of Montreal, Le Revenant is part of a vibrant underground music scene. With a 10 ten-song album under their belt called Hollowed, this band clearly means business. These are songs with some deep lyrics, which always give a meaningful undertone to every song. But that being said, does Hollowed bring some new and exciting sounds to the table? Let’s find out.

The first thing that struck me about this album was how professional it sounded. “Afterglow” starts us off easy but goes to 11 really quick. Francois-jr Toupin’s simple drumming becomes a blast of symbols near the end of the song, pairing perfectly well with Patrick Watters insane vocals. Hollowed is like a burning fire; as you listen to each song, it just gets hotter and hotter. After the mellow “Ghosts,” track number three “Revenant” took me by surprise with its hard rock riffs. The “experimental” bits are done really well with Watters playing around with some delay sounding effects. The music is tight, the riffs hit hard and the drums are pounded; all of which makes these songs headbang worthy.

Although they play it safe and stick to what they know, Hollowed does offer some good diversity. “Ambitions of the Dead” cranks it up and allows for Patrick Watters to really show off his vocal abilities with some screams and growls. I like that they keep to their “alt-rock” roots, yet aren’t afraid to play around with heavier sounds. There is one consistent thing in almost every song which does drag the album a bit, and that’s their use of transitions. The musicianship isn’t the problem here, it’s more that they feel similar. The switch from softer parts to heavier parts is often done in the same ways and after a while, it loses its punch. I’d also add that the bass could take a bit more space in the overall mix, as it’s often tough to hear Johanie Beaulieu play. In the end, Hollowed is a good album which doesn’t break any barriers but still has a lot of good songs to offer. Keep an eye out for these guys and any future shows!

Written by Johnathan Robinson
*edited by Mike Milito

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