Les Mosquitos – Chasing the Dragon

Back in 2011, Quebec-based Les Mosquitos used some prize money to enter the studio and lay down some of their tracks. What came of this time recording is their debut EP entitled Chasing The Dragon which was released back in 2012. This politically charged reggae/ska experience has the soulfulness and political attitude that reminds me of a little band known as Sublime. Don’t let the band from the quiet town of Aylmer let you think they are in any way quiet. This great blend of classic reggae and dub sounds bring rhythm and soul year round in a province that spends half its year covered in snow.

The album begins with track entitled “Number One”, which starts the record off with a soulful shout-out to whoever the lucky girl is being referred to as number one. The second track, “Ganja Sensimillia”, is an ode to cannabis with a classic ska rhythm, a dead ringer for a classic Sublime track. The voice is so reminiscent of late singer Bradley Nowell and is for sure a great anthem for any fan of the “ganja”.

The album quickly takes a turn from marijuana and women to political injustice with the track “Justice”, which addresses social inequality and is a call to arms for people to stand up for their rights. The powerful lyrics of this particular song do not affect the spirit of the listener or dampen the party atmosphere of the album as a whole.

The track “Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow” is the defining track of this album. Politically charged and motivating with a great rhythm and beat, it will keep the party going until early in the morning.

With an album title like Chasing the Dragon, references to heroin should be expected. The band, however, probably had something a bit more deep in mind when naming the EP – the title is probably about addiction, not a drug addition, but the addiction current society has to toys, such as electronics, and vanity.

In an attempt to break down the walls and bring down the house in one fell swoop, Les Mosquitos have made a great first attempt. Now it’s just a waiting game until we see a full-length release.

Written by Christopher Sikosi

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