Let’s Talk About Pouzza Fest! An Interview with Hugo Mudie

Hugo Mudie

Hugo Mudie is becoming somewhat of a legend in the punk-rock community especially in his hometown of Montreal. Not only was he the lead singer for the popular band The Sainte Catherines, and Yesterdays Ring, he also shared stages with everyone from NOFX to Leatherface. As well as many other projects, he has a folk punk group called Miracles with Fred Jacques. If that doesn’t sound busy enough he is the founder and pivotal organizer of Pouzza Fest. He had time to answer a few of my questions:

How challenging is putting on an event like Pouzza?

It is a big challenge. There’s the financial aspect that is super hard. We try to make an event that will please as many punk fans as possible without losing the spirit of it and without booking too much stuff we don’t enjoy. But punk fans are hard to please. So it gets pretty hard. But when we see people smiling and singing along, we are pleased with the results.

Did you ever think it would get to the scale it is on now? 

Hugo Mudie
Hugo Mudie

No, we just wanted to do a mini Gainesville Fest. Never thought we would risk a couple 100Ks on this.

Is there a core group of people that helped get it off the ground and keep it going?

For sure there’s a bunch of friends that help and there’s all the volunteers that make it work every year. Without them, we couldn’t do that. We are only two people in this company. It would be impossible to do such a big operation while paying everyone involved, and it would be impossible to do it alone too.

Who are some of those people?

Cool people.

Does playing in a band help when organizing such an event or does it get in the way? 

Playing in bands for 15 years made it possible to organize an event like this, with the connections and experiences throughout the year. Playing and organizing at the same time sucks though. I still do it once in a while though.

What is new to Pouzza this year?

An outdoor street hockey game and more focus on the Pabst Blue Ribbon Stage (Outdoors, downtown Montreal)

What are you most excited about for Pouzza 5?

Free yoga classes on Sat and Sun morning and The Muffs.

Is there going to be a Pouzza 6?

Hopefully. If we feel like it’s needed like it was 5 years ago. If we feel the support and love we felt 5 years ago.

Can you hint at who could be playing next year?

Bon Jovi and Chance The Rapper.

What are some of the dream bands that you would like to put on Pouzza?

Bon Jovi and Chance The Rapper.

Is there new Miracles material in the works or are you considering reuniting an older project like the Sainte Catherines?

We are releasing a new EP just in time for POUZZA FEST on May 15th for Miracles. Also working on a new record. More punk than previous efforts. The Sainte Catherines might play if Bon Jovi plays Pouzza. We’d open for them.

Written and Compiled by Jarod Semple

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