Let’s Talk Daggers – A Beautiful Life


Ah, the U.K. Your music makes me so fucking happy. With the craziness of The Dillinger Escape Plan, combined with the complex structure of Protest The Hero and old-fashioned 90s punk, Let’s Talk Daggers are the most unique and creative band I’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing. I loved every single song, every word, every radical change, and every second I spent listening to A Beautiful Life. This album made me go insane in best possible way and I felt so much emotion at once; anger, lust, happiness, euphoria, rage, bliss, the list goes on! Every song had unique elements while keeping the same chaotic charge, and that carried a consistent flow throughout the record. These guys are insanely talented and by far the best band I’ve ever reviewed.

“The Tin Man Expedition” is the instrumental prequel to the beautiful chaos you experience and but it still doesn’t prepare you for what lies ahead. The next three tracks carry zany attitude with ever changing rhythms and sporadic fluctuations in both feel and instrumentation; it changes form insanely busy, to not at all.

At first, the vocals startled me because I was worried that the entire record would be screaming but that’s not the case at all! The title track, “A Beautiful Life,” is a calm, tranquil break and the following song carried that same feel with a bit more up-tempo feel. The album then returns back to a more structured, intelligible sound in “Casino Coates.” Every song is so interesting in how it’s structured and developed throughout the timespan of each track. “Semi-Frontiers” would be my favourite track as it sums up the entire record with one track. It has the chaos and the groovy slow interlude, and just explodes!

There is so much going on with this record and it’s epic in every shape and form. I hope these guys come to Canada as seeing these amazing musicians live would be incredible! I wouldn’t know whether to mosh or skank! I urge you to support these guys and spend the euros for their record. It is flawless chaos!

Seriously, go buy A Beautiful Life by Let’s Talk Daggers.

Written by Rian Cunningham
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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Rian Cunningham has been singing since he was a toddler, and have since been in multiple musicals and bands alike. He's been studying music all his life, playing bass, singing, organizing shows, developing sharp management skills, and more. He's been active in developing himself as a musician over the last five years by exploring multiple genres of music from jazz, pop, and metal, all the way to rock and roll. He is currently enrolled in the Music Industry Arts & Performance program at Centennial College in Toronto for Bass Guitar, and he has received the Dean’s Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in his program for being the most dedicated student in forwarding his career as a professional musician and artist.

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