Lightfall – Self Titled EP

Gospel and punk music are not two words that we see together very often, but Toronto band, Lightfall, does their best to make the two fit together in their debut self-titled EP. Though the sounds were a little too generic, it may be enjoyable for some.

The sounds featured on the EP are a mixture of pop-rock and punk rock that is somewhat reminiscent to the music of Simple Plan and Billy Talent. Its lyrics are heavily inspired by bible passages, with themes like the coming of The Father (or God) and a song dedicated to Jesus walking on water.

The album opens up with a song entitled “Promise of the Father”. It’s an uplifting and loving ode to God that gets into some louder rock sounds towards the end. Though Laserna doesn’t have a very unique voice, it fits in well with the song and makes for a fun listen.

The second song, “For All”, is sadder than the rest of the album, with a solemn piano rhythm accompanying similar-sounding vocals. It is followed by a track, called “Walk on Water” which similarly also has a melancholic piano rhythm. The only difference between the two tracks is that where the second can fit into the soft-rock genre, the third leans more towards pop.

The album finishes up with a very generic track, “Saviour of my Soul”, which also has a very sad sound to it. Not only does the track sound exactly like the other three songs on the EP, it sounds too much like most other pop-rock tracks in existence.

The album is perfect for anyone looking for simple-sounding songs that have deep and religious lyrics to ponder on. However, it’s certainly not for anyone who is not of religious faith or who is looking for something with a unique sound.

Written by Franca G. Mignacca

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