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Lisette Xavier’s soft and husky voice carries over the melodic sounds of a piano to draw you in and hold you hostage as you listen to the first track on, The Leap, her first EP of original songs which was released on March 21, 2015. As I sit in my living room listening to her album on Bandcamp, her sound reminds me of a mix between Lana Del Ray and Vanessa Carlton, with lyrics to match. Xavier is a Canadian, specifically a Calgarian, and in what appears to be a famous quote from her, she lets us know about how she got into music: “I was forced into piano lessons at the age of 5, only to quit 3 years later. My reason was simple; I did not want to play someone else’s music…” You can definitely hear that same determination and strength in this EP.

Title track “The Leap” is a motivational song that encourages you to ‘take the leap’ and be who you are and ‘not who you’re supposed to be’.  The second track on the list, “Dream”, is an upbeat tune about following your dream, even if people can’t seem to understand why you would want to. It seems to be the theme with this EP, meant to let you know that you’re not alone and that you’re stronger than you think.

Taking a step back from the peppy words of encouragement, we get to the song “Shoe Collector” which has Lisette belting out notes over her piano, letting her vocal talent really take the spotlight (which is great because this girl can sing). The song tells what you can tell is a personal and soul-bearing story about falling for the wrong person. With its raw emotion and effortless sound, this is easily my favourite song on the EP.

The overall tone of The Leap is almost like a call to arms, telling you that you can be who you want to be, do what you want to do, and feel what you want to feel. Your destiny is in your hands, to take it and run with it. You can hear it even in “Sad Eyes,” a song that calls you out for lying about being okay when you’re not. Lisette’s voice is beautifully complimented by her piano, painting stories with her lyrics meant to provide inspiration while also telling her own story.  Definitely not a bad way to be!

Written by Gigi

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Gigi is currently a student at Concordia University, studying History and Cultural Anthropology and is overtly curious about the affect music has on people and the world. Gigi was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario and moved to Montreal in late 2011 to pursue academics. She grew up listening to old school rock and EDM in her mom’s car, Portuguese music at home and Latin music at her aunt’s house, all of which contributed to an eclectic taste in music. She listens to almost anything from Disney to Slayer and everything in-between if it’s well written and produced. She even once entertained the dream of doing Broadway and got a vocal coach, though her dance classes were Hip-Hop so she's not quite sure that would have worked out so well.

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