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Lately, I have been very critical when it comes to new metalcore. It seems as though everyone is just trying to stay trendy, but nobody is trying to create something new that really stands out. Nobody, however, is trying as hard as It Lives, It Breathes. The brand new signees with Stay Sick Recordings have released their debut record, Silver Knights, and I’ve never seen a band work harder. Seriously, these guys have worked like so hard to stay relevant and active with their fans, which is why I’m doing this review simply out of respect.

The album is probably the most original-sounding metalcore record I’ve heard in the last year. Imagine if Crown The Empire, I See Stars, and Michael Bolton had a love child with 80s glam and 90s pop. That lovechild is this album. It is long, and that’s one thing I’m sort of iffy on as an artist; sixteen full-length songs. Each song flows and transitions beautifully to the next, but I know quite a few people would find sixteen songs on a debut record to be very intimidating for new listeners.

As a musician, I applaud their ability and songwriting. The lead vocalist, Kevin Lacerda, immediately reminded me of a raspier Michael Bolton, and each song showcases his abilities as range beautifully. As far as production goes, I would’ve loved to have hear a bit more guitar in the mix, but the programming really shines and compliments the band well. The first two songs, “Testify,” and “Got No Time,” are both hard hitting, fast paced, powerful yet interesting to listen to. I had no idea where they were going to go next. My favourite song is probably the title track, “Sliver Knights,” simply due to the imagery of a massive crowd chanting the lyrics much akin to Bring Me The Horizon’s, “Happy Song.”

I respect this band because they weren’t afraid to take their music in a completely different direction than the norm and I believe that anyone who listens to that ‘core’ genre will appreciate this record. Go check out, and support these guys.

Written by Rian Cunningham
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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