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Everyone wants to go to Australia, but less people actually do because literally every bit of wildlife there can either kill you or has chlamydia. Hailing from that beautiful, poisonous country, Logic Defies Logic is an interesting musical anomaly that, admittedly, I was slightly skeptical of at first. Frankly, before I looked into where they were actually from I originally thought they were from Texas, given how rampant the southern rock influences run in their music. The band throws everything but the Koala into their alchemical musical brew, and the results are anything but bad.

The first track “Demolitia” seemed to be taking all its cues straight from the Pantera playbook for the first ⅘ of the song, then takes a sharp right turn into prog territory for an extended bridge section before getting back on the Pantera track again. The break certainly makes for an interesting shift within the song, and while it doesn’t necessarily feel out of place, it does “stick out”.

“Bang Out The Beans” sees the album shifting more into the prog-o-sphere while still maintaining the southern groove that was established in “Demolitia.” There’s lots more funk injected into this song as well.

“HollyWood” is a gloriously catchy and groovy mid-paced track that seems to just scream “driving song.” The more I listen to this, the more I feel like I’m listening to a shelved Symphony X  album that the label didn’t know what to do with.

“Man(un)Made” takes a on slightly darker atmosphere than the others. I really appreciate the way LGL decided to set up the track listing. Every song has a decidedly different tone than the previous one, which really keeps you guessing where they are going to go from song to song.

Closers “Fire In The Hole” and “Gatecrusher” throw everything into the mix again. While the former returns to the southern metal edge, the latter brings the album to almost Devin Townsend Territory.

It’s interesting listening to an album that could potentially fit so well into the mainstream that is so teeming with metal elements throughout. The songwriting and musicianship is top notch, and I really feel that if this band had sufficient money behind them, they could carve a nice place for themselves in the international scene. Here’s hoping someone with money wakes up to them sooner than later.

Written by Paul Ablaze
*edited by Kate Erickson


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Paul has lived in Montreal his whole life however he spent a considerable amount of time on tour over the last 7 years with his band Blackguard, which basically means he is bitter and jaded and an ideal candidate to write music reviews. He also enjoys pizza , screaming and Dead-lifting.

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