Logic Lost – Forgive Yourself


When I review a record, I like to be “in the zone” so to speak. I try to eliminate any distractions around me and focus on the music. This is why I usually enjoy my walk to work because it gives me that chance. On the cold winter morning I listened to Indonesia’s Logic Lost’s second album Forgive Yourself, snow slowly and somewhat blissfully fell around me and I quickly realize that this soundscape of soothing and intricate electronic tunes is the perfect soundtrack.

“Urn,” the opening track, is a beautiful piece of music. Combining elements of electronica with slightly shoegaze-esque guitar effects, it’s the type of track you could easily lose yourself in (which is precisely what happened to me as I walked to work listening to this song). That sound remains present in the next track, “Nobody Wants You To Be Alone,” but it’s a little different because we get a backing beat with some soft vocals. “We Like To Disappear” reminds me of a cross between Low and This Will Destroy You. It’s packed with trip-hop and electronic elements that could easily become overwhelming, but Logic Lost play it in a way where it all blends together beautifully. “Perfect Teeth” has various vocal samples, one of which proclaims “we need each other more than ever.”

“More” keeps things going thematically, with robust soundscapes on a track that manages to border the lines of chaoticness and melancholy. The final track of the album, “Feel Alive,” samples rain sounds which combine beautifully with the instrumental melodies.

My only complaint about Forgive Yourself was that I wished it was longer. But then again, it’s perfect the way it is. Despite being instrumental, this record does a better job of conveying emotion and feeling than most albums from a full band with a singer. It’s a beautifully produced record and I’d recommend listening to it with headphones to get the full experience and take in all the vast sounds on the album. I really liked this one. It’s a little early in the year, but this one might already be cracking my top ten list by the end of 2019.

Written by Dominic Abate
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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