London, Ontario punk band, SPECKS, released their first single “OH HELL” off of their upcoming EP TWOPENNY HANGOVER. The EP can be streamed here on any outlet of your choice! What do you think?

Some words from SPECKS:

When and where was this recorded?

This single was recorded alongside 5 other tracks for our Twopenny Hangover EP in February at The Sugar Shack Recording Studio in London with Simon Larochette.

What’s different about this recording?

We wanted to make a real gritty, unpolished feel for this EP. We thought about adding group vocals and other ideas but felt we wanted this release to sound like just the four of us. The record is very straight ahead and raw. It almost sounds like it’s live off the floor. Really pulls no punches and is unapologetic throughout. How do people get a copy? People can get this single through bandcamp, soundcloud, Apple Music, Google Play and Spotify or buy the EP when it comes out at the end of the summer. The lyric video for “Oh Hell” is up on YouTube.

Shows to note?

We have a show in St. Thomas at The Brunswick Tavern next weekend with our buds From Waves To Shore and The Nothingz and we’ll be playing day two of HEATWAVE 2018 happening August 17th & 18th. The next time we play in London is likely to be for our EP release show.

Special message from Specks?

We want to thank all our friends for coming out and supporting us! We’ve already got way more stuff on the horizon and want to make you all a part of it as much as possible! We’ll be making a house party themed video in the fall and want all your lovely faces to be in it! For now, sharing is caring as they say so if you dig this track then share it anyway you can! Also the lyric video for Oh Hell was made with retaliation in mind towards over zealous street preachers who have been harassing anyone they don’t see as “righteous” so we just want to shout out a HAPPY PRIDE to all the LGBTQTPIES out there just being yourselves! We made this one for you! ♥️


Specks are a London Ontario based punk and hardcore band established in the summer of 2017. The band features Bri Lue-Kim (Necrosaurus Rex, The Alcohollys) on bass guitar, Oliver Davey (PLEB) on guitar, Nathan Noble (BYKWIW, A Horse & His Boy, Millennials, Alarm Cat) on vocals and Jay Kypers (Alarm Cat, The Elepunks, Coconut and The Cucks) on drums. Within their first year they have opened for such acts as Voltang, Dead Tired and Canadian legends D. O. A. on the main stages of London and played several shows around southwestern Ontario and Quebec. The band’s sound takes inspiration from early 2000’s southwestern Ontario hardcore and post hardcore outfits and blends in a straight ahead punk grittiness that gives them their distinctive sound. Specks are slated to release their debut 6 track 7′ EP Twopenny Hangover this summer/fall on Synicalist Records and are booked to play several fests to support their first release.

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