Los Dannis – El ciclo vicioso de la autogestion

Los Dannis - El ciclo vicioso de la autogestion


El ciclo vicioso de la autogestion is the first full length from Puerto Rican rock band Los Dannis. Following up, and reworking a few tunes from, their 2018 EP El Minicombo, this newest release is a combo of math, surf, and psychedelic rock. Despite being just a three-piece, Los Dannis has a very full sound on this record, achieved by a good deal of layered instrumentals and some seriously effected guitars. There’s a hypnotic quality to El ciclo vicioso de la autogestion, but I felt the album overstayed its welcome.

Los Dannis waste little time getting into things with “El primer gran mamon,” a two-minute-ish intro track that really sets the tone for the mesmerizing rhythms and out-there guitar sounds you can expect to hear on the album. I think the band are at their best on songs like “Envidioso” or “El Ham,” neither of which vary too greatly from their establishing riff, but make the most of their respective runtimes. Whereas “Envidioso” opens up and allows for guitarist Christian Santiago to explore the fretboard a bit, “El Ham” is a hypnotizing five-minute build that would have made for a suitable album closer. Either way, Los Dannis can usually make the most out of only a handful of riffs.

The main turn off for me on El ciclo vicioso de la autogestion is that Los Dannis don’t always know when to reign it in. “Ferrari,” which was actually released as a single, was one of the harder ones for me to sit through. The song has a few recurring passages, but none of them felt like they built up to anything. Songs like “Mt-Viggy” or “Piedras” can be repetitive as well, but at roughly half the running length of “Ferrari,” they’re a lot easier to give a pass to. “Trailmix” is another song I’d skip on repeat listens. The riffs throughout aren’t bad, just not interesting enough to hear that many times, especially when the song really doesn’t go anywhere.

Los Dannis’ first full-length is a solid offering. The band has stepped up experimentation-wise since El Minicombo and have managed to sound huge on this thing. El ciclo vicioso de la autogestion isn’t a perfect album, but it is one worth checking out. There are moments that start to drag and songs where the band’s repetitive riffing wasn’t cutting it for me, but I think Los Dannis are onto something. If you’re looking for some fun, psychedelic rock, El ciclo vicioso de la autogestion is worth the listen.

Written by Justin Bruce
*edited by Kate Erickson 

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