Los Echo – Bold Fire EP

Kaitlin Thatcher and Connor MacFadyen, otherwise known as Los Echo, are self-described synth pop, hailing from Toronto and Ottawa, Ontario. I took on this review after hearing just a few notes from the title track. Connor and Kaitlin split lead vocal duties and Kaitlin provided the EP’s artwork (which is actually quite arty and cool, even though I’m not a cat person).

“Bold Fire” immediately brought to mind a cross between Muse’s “Madness” with a touch of Ryn Weaver’s “Promises”. Vocally, Kaitlin takes the lead here and her voice blends well with the music. Lyrically simple, they use the warmth of heat/fire and the light of the moon as a metaphor for love (that glowing, your-touch-is-fire kind of love). I think this is the catchiest, strongest song on the EP, so it’s fitting that it’s also the title track.

Next up is “Druthers”, where Connor takes on lead vocal duties, but where Kaitlin provides nice backing “ooh-ooh-ooh-oohs”… His voice reminds me of someone, although I can’t think of who it is…! See if you agree (and comment about who you think it is). It’s good, although, I have to say, “druthers” is one of those words that just hits me the wrong way (like “tasty” and “moist”). And unfortunately, the entire song was a bit repetitive in that “If I had my druthers” was, essentially, the chorus and was repeated about fifteen times.

“The Life” seems to be about a journey of self-discovery: “That sounds like the life / and it would be alright / without a care in the world / all my thoughts are swirled… I need to find myself before I cast my pearls / I don’t know where I am right now / But it’s where I wanna be / I know my head might be in the clouds / But I’m doing this for me.” There is a lot going on here instrumentally, and while it’s well executed, melodically, it wasn’t my cup of tea.

“Happy” is ironic in that it sounds like it’s about a relationship that one party is looking to end: “Is this a lie that we’re telling ourselves / I’ve never fallen this fast for someone else / I know you wanna throw this thing on the shelf / but I don’t know if I can go back.” It’s got a very ambient groove, reminiscent in parts of Broken Bells.

Finally, a remix of “Bold Fire” by Wolf34rt, who I came to find out is a Toronto-based Electronic DJ. I’m not usually a fan of remixes because I tend to find that they alter the original meaning, mood, and general message of song (dance remix of Hozier’s “Take Me to Church”, I’m talking to you)… BUT, in this case, I have to say I really enjoyed this remix! Because the lyrics in the song are so positive and upbeat, the electronic remix really does it justice. I will definitely be downloading this, along with the original title track.

If you’ve read any of my reviews, you’ll know that my favourite genres are indie, pop and folk. The extent of my synth pop and electronic knowledge isn’t huge (I wore out a cassette copy of Electronic’s debut album Electronic – that’s it)… but I am always open to hearing something new and, on the whole, I did enjoy this EP. Certainly “Bold Fire” (x 2) and “Happy” were my favourites, though.

“Bold Fire” is available at Bandcamp and iTunes.

Written by Valerie

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