Loser Points – Ones and Zeros


Sometimes, simplicity is sublime. Hailing from Red Deer, Alberta, Loser Points are a perfect case study for it. Built around a hardcore base, they throw together songs that consist of everybody’s favourite chords, yet do such a good job crafting the songs that they can be forgiven for not breaking, or even shaking, any molds.

Their first EP of the year (they released one EP and two full albums last year), Ones and Zeros is a quick, four-song showcase of their strong songwriting abilities. While at times it’s catchy as all get out, I enjoy how they don’t push the riff on you enough so that you tire of it. None of the songs here break the three minute mark, but each is a fun and energetic romp.

My favourite track of the bunch is the third one, a buffet of sonic pleasure called “Warren and Jimmy.” The lyrics revolve around two very rich dudes, who get rather silly at times. It’s the perfect counterpoint to today’s socially conscious human. Sometimes you want serious, sometimes you want ridiculous, and this song delivers the latter in spades.

While the production value of the EP is not the best thing since sliced bread (even though it is rather good), I quite enjoyed the volume, and of course the lines on the bass presented by Shark. With only one guitar in the band, it was an absolute necessity. While both the guitar and drums (Jawsh and Ozone respectively) keep things simple, which I’m a fan of, the bass is allowed the room to explore each song. The amount of Matt Freeman that bleeds through is brilliant.

And now for why this album doesn’t get the top rated ten out of ten. I’m sorry folks, but the vocals just don’t do it for me. While they’re on key and have their own style (you can tell these cats grew up on hardcore), it seems to repeat itself and moreover doesn’t branch out or explore. The overall brooding tone of the vocals, sung by Jawsh, and his melodic composition, leaves something to be desired. What I do like, however, is the solid use of his two-tone tonality. Sometimes he is low and in the dregs, while others he’s hitting the high grit. The split adds more than it takes away. Sadly, it’s just not my bag.

Overall, It’s a pretty damn good EP that hits hard and doesn’t let you up from the canvas. Think I could have used a better metaphor to close out the review? Hit me up in the comments below with your world class finishing lines and give me a chuckle.

Written by Aaron Deck
*edited by Lia Davis

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