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Lovelikesuicide`s EP Digital Static is a cinematic collection of ambient songs. Released May 1st, 2018, the project can be characterized by electronic piano and strings alongside programmed drums and synths. While definitely in the realm of the electronic, the melodies and tempo suggest these songs might benefit from a blend of electronic and acoustic instruments. If not, the electronic quality could be pushed even further than it is.

I say this because the piano tone reminds me of the kind you might hear as background music in The Sims—it lacks body. It sounds as if it`s being used by a person who doesn`t have a piano, but looks to imitate the sound of one. The melodies feel tentative as well. The notes played or programmed are sparse and repetitive at times but feel more thought through at other times. The title also implies a sound that feels a little more far-out, or lo-fi. It might have been interesting to explore the possibilities that come with the word “ambient,“ and really play with how the feeling of a space can be changed just with small details.

At times, the synth and drums jump in so abruptly it seems almost inappropriate. Better incorporated, they could have helped more with the dynamic of the songs but seem a little out of place as they are. For me, the changes in the arrangement are too jarring to qualify as ambient. Brian Eno, master of ambient music, has said that music of this genre should be as rewarding when you don`t pay attention to it as when you do. Sometimes, it`s the unexpected artistic choices that serve the song better than our usual go-to`s. It`s important to listen to what`s happening in the song, and respond to what we hear.

Overall, it seems like an EP of simple songs that may have fallen victim to overcomplicated additions to the arrangement. The core of each song is solid enough; the auxiliary stuff reads as such.  It feels like the artist hasn`t fully decided yet whether this is meant to be moody, traditional piano-strings music, or ambient electronic music. Perhaps a more mature blend is coming our way!

Written by Hanorah
*edited by Mike Milito

About Hanorah 9 Articles
Hanorah is an artist and advocate for consent based in Montreal. Although primarily a musician, she is also a visual artist and young writer. In 2016, she successfully campaigned for mandatory consent education at her alma mater John Abbott College. Her songwriting and public discussion of sexual assault survival and mental health at every (appropriate) opportunity has put her on Journal de Montréal's "2018's Most Inspiring Quebec Women" list—a title that makes her nervous. She is completing her undergrad in Studio Arts at Concordia University at a glacial pace in order to make time for other things. Hanorah was a quarter finalist on La Voix in 2017 and signed with Dare to Care Records in 2018. She loves playing music with her band because it is cheaper than therapy. Her cat, Ziggy, is vicious, but the major scale puts him right to sleep.

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