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This week I’m reviewing a solo project called “Lung” by the musician Rory Elliot. He’s from Berkeley California and according to Lung’s Facebook page he has written, played and recorded all the music on this five track instrumental album.

I often find solo projects interesting because I tend to wonder why a musician has chosen to work alone.  Do they not play well with others? Or maybe it’s because there is an advantage in going solo, being your own boss and not have to discuss artistic ideas or compromise on them. I also often enjoy instrumental albums because my ears do a better job of concentrating on the music without trying to understand lyrics.

The album was released in October of this year and was the follow up to the Lung Demo that had been released in August. Both are available on his Bandcamp page at whatever price you want.

He describes himself as “Experimental Psych-Sludge” and “Doom metal”.  I think both these definitions are very apt. As soon as the intro begins, you can hear the rawness of his layered playing and of the recording. This works very well for the album and his sound. The second track “Seed” is very melodic with spacey guitar riffs, drums marching along while dragging the bass behind them, all to create a sound that has peaks and valleys in a landscape of doom. The third track “Lung” continues the grimy doom sound and eventually leads more into the experimental side of things with the bass and heavy percussion. The forth track “Moondog” may have been my favorite; I like how he uses rim shots with his drum sticks in the intro and how the track divulges into deeper layers of experimentation as it progresses. “OF Tooth and Claw” is the longest track on the album at 6:28. I found that this track was kind of an overall conclusion for an album that has unique tracks and a consistent sound and personality.

I’m going to go out on a limb and speculate that he is also the artist behind the cover art for the album. It isn’t complicated but it is mysterious. I’m not sure what I’m looking at and my imagination is ignited. I’m giving the album a 7/10 and will certainly be listening to it again. I would also recommend it to those who appreciate this type of music.

Written by Joey Beaudin

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