Machine Gun Kelly & Guests – Live at L’Olympia – November 21st, 2014 – Montreal, QC

Machine Gun Kelly & Guests - November 21st, 2014 - Montreal, QC

Friday night is known as the night for a good party. November 21st was no different. This time, the party was at Le Petit Olympia, better known as L’Olympia, though there was no access to the balcony seating. Rickey D Events was proud to bring the NO LOW CLASS Tour, featuring rapper Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), to Montreal.

Anticipation for this show was high; people waited outside the venue for hours to make sure that once let inside they would get a good spot near the stage. I spoke with some of the fans outside and was told that earlier, MGK had come outside and chatted with the crowd, which I thought was super cool. MGK, according to those he spoke to, seemed genuine and nice. I always love hearing that about an artist! These anecdotes made me even more hyped for the show. Before we got to experience what is MGK live on stage, we were treated to a few homegrown talents who opened the show and got us into the mood.


After the long line filed into the venue, Malik Shaheed and DJ Zoo took the stage to hype the crowd.  Both did a great job getting the crowd moving and the energy up, with Malik getting down into the crowd to make them scream. DJ Zoo’s beats were good and fresh. After a few minutes they introduced the first act of the night, Montreal’s own rap group Rotty Squad.

The Squad came out to a pretty lady doing a bit of ballet, followed by a few good rappers wearing masks of the Scream variety, for those of you who have seen those movies. These guys came out hard, with much confidence, and just gave us a great show!  Their energy transmitted throughout the crowd. They made it clear Rotty Squad was in the house and that they wanted to be remembered.  They spread the joy by throwing merchandise into the crowd, making it more apparent that they know what they are doing. Play big or go home is their motto. I look forward to more from Rotty Squad.


Next up was French rapper Rymz, from Saint-Hyacinthe. He also came out hitting with his sweet flow that kept the party going.  This guy has serious talent that can be enjoyed even if you don’t speak a lick of French because his words flow so damn well.  Definitely a fun act to watch, make sure to check him out when he’s in your ‘hood.


There was one more act until the headliner was to take the stage – Immaculate, hailing from Vernon, BC. On first impressions I was like, who is this guy?  He came out with a jean shirt and a clean cut, and thought it might have been one of the promoters, but was I wrong!!!  Immaculate came out spitting rhymes at the speed of a cheetah…okay, maybe not that fast, but you get my drift.  This guy can rap, holy fuck!  I’m going leave it at that. Look him up listen to his music and go to a show…NOW. Seriously, stop reading and go download his shit! So good! He reminds me of a young Eminem! Are you still reading? You shouldn’t be! Are you listening to his music now? GOOD!


Finally it was time for the one and only MGK. I’ve heard that he gives legendry shows full of energy, but I was not ready for this.  Slim Gudz came out to hype the crowd (as if they even needed it as they were so into the show already).  He did a great job, but when the moment came, the lights went out.  I discovered that I went to a hip-hop show, which ended up being a rock show! As the lights when out, a podium with “No Low Class” displayed graffiti-style on it was rolled out onto the stage. MGK came out sporting a Guy Fawkes mask, then hopped right into “See My Tears”.  Wow! The theatrics and hard-hitting lyrics were awesome. The energy he had for this song blew my fucking mind. This wasn’t even close to what was in store for the rest of the show. Let me put it this way, he likes to climb things and give the crowd great visuals which match his singing style.  This guy is a performer and a must-see live act for anyone who loves going to live shows!  The highlights for me on this night were “Peso” and “Wild Boy.”

What a show! Thanks for reading. And thanks to Ricky D Events for bringing these great hip-hop acts to Montreal. Until next time…

Written and Photographed by Eric Brisson  Eric Brisson Photography
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  1. Great review!
    Hit the hammer on the nail about Immaculate!
    Amazing rapper/hip hop artist!
    One of the most talented individuals to hit the scene since Eminem!

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