Mad June – Live at Cafe Chaos- November 29th, 2013 – Montreal, Quebec

Mad June - November 29th, 2013 - Montreal, Quebec

After feeling a little under the weather from attending Nick Babeu’s memorial held at Turbohaus, I was trying to pump myself up for Mad June‘s set. The last time I saw them was at Toronto’s Indie Week in October. At the time, I discovered that they have been playing for quite some time and I was clearly hiding under a rock or something because I’d never heard them before.

Mad June is an indie pop/rock band from Montreal, Quebec and consists of six extremely hot ladies: Vanessa McLean on vocals, Mad June-2Pascale St-Onge on bass and backup vocals, Lydia Champagne on drums, Jessica Pion, and Tania Dasrochers on guitar and backup vocals, and Jennifer Kruidbos on keys. BREATHE. As gorgeous as they are, they possess an incredible talent that I admire. It is hard being gorgeous and talented, considering the douchebags you may encounter in the audience every now and then that will scream, “Show me your tits!” I think the ladies proved how much they can rock it on stage to those dudes this night.

Mad June-8“The Arc” progressed well as the second track of the set. Lydia’s drums and Pascale’s bass stood out the most. I usually have a fondness for drummers and bassists, as they are the glue of the band. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Lydia is one of the best female drummers I have heard. She is comparativelya male Keith Moon, and it shows she has 10 years experience playing.

When “November” came on, I became ecstatic as I love the catchiness of the tune. The “lalalalala’s” stuck in my head. I find the majority of Mad June’s tracks do this to a person, but not in an annoying way. As they sang this song and tried getting the crowd to clap (which was a challenge), headlining band The Cheap Thrills’ Emile Richard handed Vanessa a tambourine from the crowd. With that, Vanessa got everyone clapping and dancing along. I love her stage presence and energy. She communicated well with the crowd, repeatedly urging the crowd to follow her lead when she asked, “Mad June! Who are we?” which got them to respond, “Mad June!”

“Pretty Face” was played with tons of energy as the girls jumped up and down on stage, however by this point I was getting a littleMad June-19 irritated sitting by the bar as a lot of people were talking over the band. Perhaps I should have joined the crowd Mad June successfully brought closer to the stage. This was definitely a tough crowd to gain attention from. The crowd consisted of hipsters, the usual Chaos metal heads, and some punks. The place started off totally empty but by the time Madcooks came on and opened the night, the place was packed.

The band also played some new tracks including “Tiptoe” which preludeda mention by the band that there would be a new video coming out soon for this track; loving the catchy chorus once again of this song that goes : “tiptoe a little closer, a little closer….”. The band has been compared to U2, Metric and The Ramones, but I have to say I hear some elements of Sonic Youth and small hints of High Places. I am looking forward to seeing the upcomingvideo. If you’re into babes who have talent, charisma, and know how to get you dancing, headbanging and singing all at once, you’ll definitely have a blast at a Mad June show.

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Written by Liz Imperiale
Photography by Eric Brisson  

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