The Mad Murdocks- 125 Years

It’s been a little over a year since we first heard from Whitby’s, The Mad Murdocks.  Their seven inch Going Long perked listeners ears in February of last year.  Since then they haven’t failed to appease listeners; last March they released a split EP with London, Ontario pop-punkers Limiter, entitled, Not This Time.  Now their own, 125 Years, is due to hit their Bandcamp page at the end of May.  Fans of the Murdocks’ throwback skate punk sound will not be let down by this five song ripper.

Track one explodes as Kevin, Jay, and Alex, drummer, guitarist, and bassist respectively, rock an awesome riff.  Kevin rolls on the toms and vocalist Tim shouts about the struggles of his “Uphill Climb.”  The so named song is a great opener. The hook snares the listener with catchy rhythms and whoas, staples of any good punk band. The song has a great rhythm and catchy, easy to sing along with lyrics, a great foot in the water look at the all-around sound of the 125 Years.

Just like all the classic punk bands had those quick songs, “Not About the Kids” is just that, not breaking the one minute mark.  The short and sweet rager has a driving riff that caused this listener to mosh in his chair.  Short tunes like this are what keep a listener wanting more.

As we get into the real meat of the EP, we see a slight change in rhythm.  The head bopping tune “Thing For You” is probably the most old school of the bunch.  A favourite of mine, from seeing their live show and being driven to dance.  Probably the catchiest song out of the five, Tim sings, “I can’t but I really want to.”  I can remember more than once shouting back, “I wanna let you know-ohh!”  The song translates so well to recorded format that I had to put it on for another listen before going on with the rest of the record (even drew five stars in my notebook).  It has a surprising resemblance to the Dead Kennedys or the Cramps without being a carbon copy.

Not keeping the energy bouncy for long, the band shreds through the verses of “Not Enough” and leaves Kevin hanging with the beat before ripping back into it.  Top it off with a schizophrenic bridge seeming to change with every bar until culminating in the chorus.

On the final track, “Three Times a Charm,” the infectious riffing grabs hold of the listener off the hop.  The chorus has Tim preaching to the kids over a gang of voices shouting, “Hey, hey, hey!”  Another staple of the punk rock genre.  Like the first track, it is a good overview of the style of the EP and the Murdocks in general.  Pure unadulterated punk rock!  All around a great listen.  Fans of the genre should be excited to hear a band keeping it real.

Give the album a listen here.

Written by Jarod Semple

About Jarod Semple 24 Articles
Jarod is best known around the Southern Ontario scene as the high-energy lead singer and lyricist of the punk rock quartet The Readys, formerly known as James and the Readys. When he’s not touring the surrounding region with the band or reworking songs for their soon-to-be upcoming full length album, Jarod aspires to become a sci-fi/fantasy novelist. He currently lives in Tottenham, Ontario with his wife Sarah and his cat Thor. His literary inspirations include CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien, and Chuck Palhanuik. Musically, you can find him on any day of the week rocking out to Tool, Thrice, Mars Volta, The Flatliners, and Dropkick Murphys.

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