The storied and exhaustive list of genres and bands that all three members of MADE OF TEETH are part of tickles my fancy. Musicians who know music are impressive, but those who keep a scene alive by backing in their friendships and creative intuition, much more so. I’m immediately drawn to the fact that MADE OF TEETH’s members have come together from a background of psychedelia, stoner doom, and heavy rock. “This has the potential to be very cool,” I thought to myself as I cued up the tracks. A smile crept onto my face as this self-titled EP kicked off. It’s reminiscent of Warthreat in every excellent way and the genre ‘Anarchic Sludge’ spontaneously springs to my mind.

Wildly overdriven amplifiers, a drum kit whose shells are optimised for massive attack, and the sound of a vocal PA barely holding its own, coupled with the urgent wailing of an actual siren; this truly is the sound of music to my ears. The chaos is relentless, frenzied and, yet, still thick and sludgy at every point along the way. Coordinated and tight, no digital interference, no edification, this is purely the sound of a loud band captured perfectly and moving through their paces with subliminal intuition.

The mutual synchronicity of “Citrus Foetus Potus” and the sheer abandon of “Drunk on Bleach” have me completely hooked. It is a shame that the majority of the world’s population will never understand how magnificent a chaotic noise band can be. When the right musicians come together and the creative material is allowed to surface, it is literally a beauty all its own. There is not a moment throughout these six songs that Chris West (guitars, vocals), Stephen Jones (drums, vocals), and Tom Cole (bass) stray from their innate understanding of each other’s’ chemistry and musical decision making. Just check out the epic ebb and flow of my favourite track “Bleak Phlegm.” The arpeggiated interlude is pure genius, especially as it’s bookended by some truly euphoric anarchy and fuck me, a guitar solo. The sound of those guitar signals, so overdriven they’re almost breaking up completely, is just glorious to me.

The fact that all of this beautiful noise has been recorded, mixed and mastered by drummer Stephen Jones is quite staggering really. For lovers of this genre, I think it is important to keep a very close eye on these lads, they have a serious pool of talent between them. The EP is released on Red Sun Sounds, based in Wales, UK, another enterprise worth keeping tabs on. MADE OF TEETH was actually only formed this year, and I hope they stay together and release plenty more quality sludge albums. Moreover, I hope they continue to incubate a heavy music scene that maintains creative momentum into the future.

Easily the best recording I have heard in a long, long time.

Written by Scott Andrews
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

About Scott Andrews 40 Articles
Scott is an alternative music punter since 1990 and performing musician since 1998, currently located in the most isolated capital city in the World; Perth, Western Australia. Omnivorous of music and addicted to the atmosphere of the gig, Scott writes from a love for music and online community. Check out his band Shock Octopus here.

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