Manipulated Outcome, The Faggots, Animal Ethics, Society ills – Live at TRH Bar – May 9th 2014 – Montreal, Quebec

It was a busy night in Montreal last Friday and TRH bar was the place to be for some authentic punk. Formerly Sapphire, TRH bar has been around for awhile now but it was my first time there and what they have done to the place is incredible. It’s still two floors, the first one housing an entire skate bowl and the second a fairly decent sized ramp adjacent to the stage. The decor is mostly graff type of art and retired skateboards, giving the venue a very punky vibe. The sound system is of good quality, clear and loud. The staff were friendly and the drink prices were very reasonable.

Manipulated Outcome

The young and talented Manipulated Outcome were playing an awesome cover of “Tourette’s” by Nirvana when I walked in, turned out it was just the sound check so I didn’t miss any of their set. These three guys, apparently “Born in the basement of an old abortion clinic,” might be new to the stage as a band but clearly know what they’re doing. Vocalist Tom Bomb gives the impression that he’s been going hard at the mic for some time. Most of their tracks are on the heavy side and it really works for them, the track “See You In Hell” is a good example. I think my favourite song was “Drowning in Saracha,” which starts off with a familiar comical melody and then gets ballistic… wish I could listen to it right now. Perhaps it will be available in the future, but for now you can check out the tracks that are on their Bandcamp site.

The Faggots

The crowd had been building up during M.O’s set and by the time The Faggots hit the stage the audience was getting even more lively. Consisting of Cockk Jaws, vocals/guitar, Mark Renshaw on drums, and a Sid Vicious look-a-like bass player who joined them later in the set, these guys certainly fit the definition of punk. Right off the bat you call tell these guys are trying to be the bad asses of punk and they’re succeeding. Their style is hyper-aggressive, vulgar, and in the spirit of G.G Allin which Mr. Jaws says is his God. “Fuck Off For Life” was an awesome track that the crowd really got into. For the song “Teenage Slut,” Mr. Jaws got down to nothing but a g-string and cowboy boots with only his guitar protecting the crowd from his junk. You can check them out this Saturday, May 17th at Fattal.

Animal Ethics

The brave souls sitting along the top of the skate ramp, while boarders showed off their skills, quickly swelled the mosh pit for Animal Ethics first track, “We Are the Aliens.”  Having been following these guys for awhile now I can tell you that they are consistently heavy and always know how to whip the crowd into a frenzy. Gritty and sharp, all four members are skillful and contribute to the bands intense stage presence. Microphone eater lead vocalist Thom is pissed off and isn’t shy to let you know… especially if you’re a PM named Harper, as you can tell from the track, “Blue” which they dedicated to Justin Trudeau. With a quality mosh happening; these beasts gave it 110% ‘til the end. You can catch them Sunday, May 18th for Pouzza FEST at Underworld, hitting the stage at 15:45. If you want an idea of what Animal Ethics is capable of I strongly suggest you check out their video for “Ritual Sacrifice”.


Societys Ills

The last band to hit the stage was Society’s Ills.  Fast-paced and clean, this band was more on the rock side of punk than the previous bands. By this time, post last metro, the crowd had thinned out a bit but that should not reflect on the band at all. They came out strong and had the remaining people trashing about and singing along. This band is fairly technical, the guitarist Danarky really stood out for me. You can catch them at Petit Campus on May 22nd and check out their website and Bandcamp page.

Bottom line, all the bands worked together to put on a really fun show for the crowd and themselves, and it’s always great to see musicians loving what they do. 8/10


Written by Joey Beaudin
Photography by Elyse Meimari

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Joey is an avid music fan who thoroughly enjoys live music and discovering bands, artists and sounds previously unheard. No genre is beyond his privy and no artist(s) undeserving of a fair listening to. And despite the digital age, is still a fan of obtaining hard copies of albums when available.

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