Mathias Hammerstrøm – There Is a Light Within Yourself


Danish singer, songwriter, and electronic music producer Mathias Hammerstrøm debuts his EP There Is a Light Within Yourself into a sweet and soft world of ethereal space. Hammerstrøm is also the singer of the band Meltway. He appears to have offered a much softer and open-to-interpretation feel in his solo work, leaning much more towards an atmospheric goal.

This is not typically my personal first choice when diving into the role of being a listener. However, there can be great value found in places where one doesn’t usually look. Clean recording and proper production appear to have been the main focus when putting together this record, and that deserves much praise, because nobody likes music that just sounds shitty. With only six tracks and less than a half hour commitment, this leans me to appreciate the record as a whole, because when listening to something that is a bit out of the personal norm, small doses tend to go over better. Certain moments feel a bit drawn out like in the spacious “I Never Forgive” and bring up a wave of unease and discomfort, but maybe this was the direct intention here, and if so, the result was definitely on point. The cold and harsh lyrics could also contribute, and I am lead to believe the person whom these words are meant for, really deserved to hear them. I hear you Mathias.

As a whole, we are looking at work with good consistency, production, and performance. Does this album excite me and titillate every nerve ending in my body? No…but that isn’t always what’s necessary (yes, this elitist does sometimes have trouble sleeping at night). This work could very well be enjoyed fully and completely by many folk, and Hammerstrøm is obviously a good musical artist, with a quite decent EP that could be a starting point for much greatness to come.

Written by Talia Plante
*Edited by Dominic Abate

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