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Mauve is a UK rock band, and we’re taking a listen to their 2019 EP Bouquet. This three-song release is a mix of rock, emo and punk, with a heavy emphasis on pop. I can’t say that Mauve is the most revolutionary band out there, but they boast some solid musicianship and seem to have a great handle on piecing together a catchy tune. All in all, Bouquet is an enjoyable, albeit a bit corny, twelve minutes.

Bouquet starts with the song “Remember.” This catchy opening tune has all the hallmarks of a mall punk classic, but with a bit more of a sombre tone. The soft opening and harmonies throughout the song remind me a bit of a less upbeat version of The Starting Line or Seaway. The next tune, “Shoreline,” sees Mauve taking their best shot at crafting a Radiosurgery-era New Found Glory B-side. The tune is more lighthearted than “Remember,” with enough “woah” parts to last a fella until the summertime. Bouquet wraps up with the song “Brittle.” This closing tune has a bit of a Jimmy Eat World feel to it, with its soaring vocals and heavier, slow-building instrumental. To me, it feels like Mauve saved the best for last. “Brittle” is arguably the most simple song on the EP, but it’s the one that’s stuck with me since first hearing it.

Bouquet’s a solid enough release, though there’s a definite surplus of cheese. Lyrics like “we’re shackled and we’re sinking fast / they told us we would never last” from “Shoreline” are just too color-by-number to ignore. There’s not much in the way of innovation either. Sure, the Scottish accent adds some character, but, musically and song writing-wise, there’s nothing you’ve never heard before.

Mauve have a nice EP on their hands. It’s catchy, it’s performed well, and it’s just a fun listen. Based solely on what I’ve heard, however, I don’t know that the band would keep my attention for a full album. Bouquet shows some definite potential, but I think they could stand to take a few risks in future releases.

Written by Justin Bruce
*Edited by Dominic Abate

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