MC Lars – The Zombie Dinosaur LP


MC Lars, the California rapper known for his funny, satirical hip-hop, is back with his fourth full-length album, The Zombie Dinosaur LP. Whether he is rapping about bad-ass fictional characters like in “Dragon Blood,” or hilariously parodying modern day trends in lifestyle choices like in “Hipster Mom,” he does so with humour and lyrical prowess. Those qualities, combined with well-produced beats, and some truly catchy hilarious hooks, make this LP a joyful guilty pleasure.

Modern day hitmakers like The Lonely Island and Lil Dicky, have shown that massive success can be achieved when humour is skilfully blended with slick production and smart rhyming. MC Lars may lack some showmanship that the other MC’s have, but he makes up for it with hilariously absurd lyrical content and countless pop culture references. This isn’t the kind of album for a casual fan of comedy rap (the one who may still be rocking out to Lonely Island’s, “I’m On A Boat). This album is for those in tune with pop/geek culture; there’re plenty of laughs to be had. For example, “Hipster Mom” finds the MC rapping out a tale of a grown-up female hipster living through life changing decisions (like whether her gold plated IPhone will mesh with her baby’s indigo aura). Also, there’s the gangsta rap “Dragon Blood” which is a Game Of Thrones inspired ode to Khaleesi. With lyrics like, “I’m always going hard with my Dothraki Crew,” this song is brilliant.

There is a surprising variety in the music as well. The ska-inspired rant about reunion bands that aren’t quite the same, “Sublime With Rome Isn’t The Same As Sublime,” or the synth-heavy R&B groove of “The Ballad Of Hans Moleman” show that every song has its charm. The true redeeming quality, however, is the way the music mixes with the lyrics. Like most comedy albums, the humour doesn’t work on every track, and there are a couple of songs like, “Never Afraid or The Top 10 Things Not To Say On A First Date,” that just didn’t resonate with me, neither musically or in humour. That being said it is impressive that almost every song is worth a listen and will almost bring a smile to the faces of those who understand all the references.

For the listeners who don’t know who or what a Khaleesi is then, there isn’t much humour on The Zombie Dinosaur LP. But for those who enjoy comedy music, in general, and who are into pop culture then there will be a lot of fun with MC Lars.

Written by Ben Massicotte
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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