Meghann Wright – Nothin’ Left to Lose


Meghann Wright’s debut record, Nothin’ Left to Lose, explores so many vintage heritages through musical styling. Her voice carries a subtle country twang, which in turn, gives an edge to her music that combines rock, blues, and R&B. This record is an emotional journey, and a beautiful one to say the least. The lyrical, soothing, and passionate melodies, combined with the expert songwriting create something to get easily get in. And that’s exactly what happened to me.

I was immediately hooked on this record after hearing the first few seconds opening track, “Black Kiss.” It reminded me of Serena Ryder, but only slightly because Meghann has a unique timbre to her voice on her own. I do not know what it was that did it, but everything flowed and sounded so captivating. Each track has showcases its own musical palette. From powerful but softer tunes like “Leavin’ Cleveland,” to feel good rock tunes like “Vacancy” or “Diamonds Blaze,” there is really something for everyone on this record and it tells me that Meghann is not afraid to get creative and explore all sorts of styles and make them her own.

I would personally love to hear this record on vinyl, be sitting down with a glass of scotch in my hand and just absorbing this record for all it is worth. Even if you are not a fan of blues or R&B, you need to hear this record. I promise that it will make you change your mind. There is so much going on with this record, and I hope that she is doing well as an artist. I’m not a big fan of music like this, but it’s very clear that I’ll have to change my tune. Thank you, Meghann Wright! You have got yourself a very proud fan, and I hope this review inspires more.

Written by Rian Cunningham
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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Rian Cunningham has been singing since he was a toddler, and have since been in multiple musicals and bands alike. He's been studying music all his life, playing bass, singing, organizing shows, developing sharp management skills, and more. He's been active in developing himself as a musician over the last five years by exploring multiple genres of music from jazz, pop, and metal, all the way to rock and roll. He is currently enrolled in the Music Industry Arts & Performance program at Centennial College in Toronto for Bass Guitar, and he has received the Dean’s Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in his program for being the most dedicated student in forwarding his career as a professional musician and artist.

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