Milo McMahon – Gone Too Long EP

Over the last few days I have become acquainted with the music of Milo McMahon, specifically his new EP entitled Gone Too Long.

Milo has an interesting background as a musician spanning Canada and Ireland. According to the biography on his website, he played back-up tambourine for his brother’s college rock back while living in Winnipeg when he was young. I can only imagine the impact that experience had on him; he seems to have been involved in the music industry ever since then. Before he was even an adult, he had formed a band called The Popular Front, and was able to tour Ireland and Western Canada with the success of their EP Sons and Ones. After that, he made Toronto his home and formed the group Milo and the Bad Lads, which received many good reviews and was even featured in the Toronto Star. Now residing in Montreal and going simply by Milo McMahon, he has been quite busy this year. In March he released a full length album, Big City Hustle. Even more recently, just this past October, he released Gone Too Long, an alternative rock EP which is currently available on his Bandcamp page, complete with lyrics.

There seems to be a running theme throughout the three tracks on the EP: connections (or lack thereof) between people. The first track, “Gone Too Long”, is both melodic and catchy with some fairly awesome flute playing. The second track, “Come Get Me Eyes”, a little more rock than the first track, is equally as catchy. The guitar and bass, along with the lyrics, really stand out on this track. The last track, “Buyin’ a Truck”, is a fun song about missing somebody. I can see it being a good sing-along tune as well. There is an interesting video that accompanies this track which seems to have been put together using archived footage of pick-up trucks from 70s and 80s.

The cover art for the EP is an altered photograph of a phone on a windowsill with its cords running off into different directions, which I think is a good representation of the content of the album. I enjoyed listening to this EP and would recommend it to any alternative rock fan. I give it an 8/10, and now I am off to check out Big City Hustle.

Written by Joey Beaudin

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