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Being released later this week on February 27th is the second full length album by Toronto’s Mip Power Trio called Half Pint Full Heart.

Using the term broadly, they’re a folk-rock band whose sound can be described as energetic and fun. They formed in 2010 and are led by singer/songwriter Mip. With her are Greg Kowalczyk on bass and Shane Macpherson on drums, both performing harmony vocals. For the tracks “Grown-up Games” and “Le Corbusier’s Lady” they’ve also recruited the horn playing talents of Rob Teehan on sousaphone, Nathan Dell-Vandenberg on trombone and Nicolas Buligan on trumpet.

The first thing that stands out on this album is Mip’s voice. She has quite the vocal range and her style, while being distinct, reminds me of Janis Joplin. The first track “Breakthrough” is a good example of what I mean. “Potential” and “If Tonight The World Ended” are tracks where you can hear the influence that classic Canadian folk-rock has had on their music, although they have certainly created their own sound.

“Winter Scene” and “Whiskey Ain’t Cheap” were two of my favorite tracks. Both have music and lyrics that make them fully party songs. The last track “Northern Lights” starts with what sounds like it could be an audible representation of the aurora borealis, but progresses to a sound that encompasses the spirit of the album: energy and good times.

Since their inception, Mip and her boys have been very busy recording and touring. Under their belts now are an EP, two full albums, and two cross Canada tours with a third one about to kickoff. This Friday is their album launch show in Toronto at The Bovine Sex Club with Little Foot Long Foot and Freeman Dre & The Kitchen Party.

Half Pint Full Heart was produced, engineered and mixed by Ian McGettigan (formerly of Thrush Hermit, currently with Camouflage Nights.) The album was mastered by Phil Demetro (from Lacquer Channel)  The cover art and design, which is very fitting, was done by M.I. Perry of My Peartree Media. Although unconfirmed, I’m fairly certain M.I. Perry and Mip are one and the same person, making her a diverse artist of all sorts. You can check out their site for all the tour dates. I’m looking forward to seeing them live in Montreal on March 21st at Barfly.

Written by Joey Beaudin

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