Missiles of October – Don’t Panic

Don’t Panic by Brussels-based three-piece sludge punk band Missiles of October was just plain loud from the moment I started playing the album. It was a shear volume attack, and, coming from someone who likes to play everything at full volume, that is saying a lot.

Missiles of October’s Facebook page describes this band perfectly in three words: “LOUD, DIRTY & ANGRY!!!” And, from what we have here on this album, I would say their mission has been accomplished.

I must confess, I don’t generally like the whole sludge punk genre. However, there is something rather great about this simple, all-out attack style this band has that I do enjoy. It is just straight up ballsy, which I do imagine would make them great fun in a live setting.

There are some catchy moments on this album; the riff to “Dance With Me” is the type of riff that is simple, a real ear worm that could very easily get stuck in your head for days. Also, the real punk-style vocal goes really well in what the band does as a whole. Overall, their sound very much makes me think of the likes of Mondo Generator. If you are a fan, I do think you will like Missiles of October as well.

Unfortunately, for me, they are very much something I would have to be in the mood for, though I would like to see their live show as I think on stage they would be great fun. For my tastes, I find their music a little too simple and the riffs repetitive, sometimes for minutes at a time. I like a good bit of variation in a band’s music and I just don’t hear that here.

In closing, I really love the attitude of the band and the ‘take no prisoners’ feel their music puts across. Again, I would like to see them live. However, the verse riff/chorus riff/repeat approach makes me feel there is something lacking. For this reason, I give this album a 6 out of 10.

Written by Paul Foxon

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Hailing from Lincolnshire, England, Paul Foxon has been a fan of blues and metal in nearly all its forms for as long as he can remember. The first song he ever remembers actually catching his attention was AC/DC’s "Thunderstruck" and the young age of seven. Music has pretty much ruled his life ever since going on to discover heavier sounds within the metal genre while enjoying the blues tones of Gary Moore and Eric Clapton amongst others. When he is not writing about or listening to music, he is writing for Exterritus, a melodic death metal band he formed in 2008, as well as working on other musical projects.

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