Monachopsis – Two Worlds: And in between


Two Worlds: And in between is the first full-length release from the Myrtle Beach-based rock band Monachopsis. A follow-up to their 2016 From the Wreckage EP, Two Worlds: And in between is, at its core, a solid indie rock record with some progressive and theatrical elements present throughout its 12 tracks. If you’re a fan of bands like The Dear Hunter or The Sound of Animals Fighting and some of the softer indie stuff that’s out there, Monachopsis should be on your radar.

Two Worlds opens with the sombre, piano-driven “Pleasantville.” The song isn’t particularly flashy, but it’s well structured and there are some solid vocal harmonies throughout. “Pleasantville” is one of the smoother tunes on this album, joining the ranks of other toned-down tracks like the titular “Two Worlds: And in between,” and the closing song “Mr. Grey.” Despite these softer offerings, there’s some heaviness sprinkled throughout Two Worlds. “Purity” opens with a pretty gnarly instrumental before Daniel Dunn’s slick vocals bring the track back down. That’s not to say that Dunn can’t match Monachopsis’ heavier leanings; he really belts it out later in that same song and again during parts of “Jumai Vu Part 1.” All in all, I really dug the band’s melding of lighter and heavier styles, even if they never delve into full gnar.

To put it simply, Two Worlds: And in between is solid indie. Instrumentally, there are some really diverse playing styles, especially for an indie record, that helps keep things interesting and justifies most of the longer run times. Daniel Dunn isn’t boasting the craziest set of pipes, but he’s got a great handle on how to sing over Monachopsis’ various musical stylings and busts out some terrific vocal harmonies all through the album. If an indie record with some theatrics sounds intriguing to you, I’d absolutely recommend Two Worlds: And in between.

Written by Justin Bruce

*edited by Mike Milito

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Justin is a Saskatoon-based musician with a degree from the University of Saskatchewan where he studied medieval and modern English. These days, he can usually be found behind the stack of comic books he’s trying to keep up with. Justin has been playing music since his early teens and has made 10’s of dollars from it in the years since. An enthusiastic packrat, his prized possession is a vinyl copy of Wheatus’ “Teenage Dirtbag.” Justin snores really loud if he’s been drinking and thought that Revenge of the Sith was actually a pretty sweet movie. You can hear Justin in Swayze, here:, and A Ghost in Drag, here:, and you will occasionally see him and his bandmates playing Beerio Kart on tour.

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