We Are Monroe Launches “White Light”

Two years following the release of the Funeral EP, the indie-rock band We Are Monroe from Montreal are getting ready to launch their first full-length effort, White Lights, on April 18th, an album which will be officially celebrated at Montreal’s Fairmount Theater on May 6th.

The sound of crickets fill the night air in the beginning moments of the opening track, and first single, “Midnight Cruiser”, setting the tone for the album. While the band sought out inspiration through the nocturnal escape, the infinite road that lies ahead, and the freedom of living on impulses, the  subdued introduction is nothing short of misleading. With the songs deeply rooted in the band’s signature drum-and–bass core, the overall sound of the album echos a certain audacity and shows signs of the maturity acquired along the last few years.

Whether it’s the incisive immediacy of “Mind Games”, the pulsating groove of “DM Me”, the fleeting intensity of “Pull Me Under”, the winding tunnel-vision of “No Vacation Land”, or the dark melancholy of the instrumental “Perimeter”, listening to the album front-to-back is easily done in one continuous listen, to the beat of the unfolding narrative.

Produced in collaboration by Patrick Krief (Krief, The Dears) and Dave Traina (The Damn Truth), and mixed entirely by the latter, White Lights was shaped by the contribution and influence of the two seasoned musicians, adding an overall depth without ever compromising We Are Monroe’s singular identity.

The complete mastering of the album was achieved by London-based John Davis, who has worked with so many of the music’s great over the years, including Jimmy Page, U2, Foals, FKA Twigs, White Lies, Haim, Led Zeppelin, New Order and Florence & The Machines to only name a few.

The album, for which the artwork was illustrated by the talented Montreal artist Claudia Fortin, will drop Tuesday, April 18th, and will be officially celebrated with the launch event happening on May 6th at the Fairmount Theater.

Preorder White Light at this location.

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