We Are Monroe – Live at L’Escogriffe – September 4th, 2014 – Montreal, QC

We Are Monroe - September 4th, 2014 - Montreal, Quebec

It was on a balmy night that I was to make my way to l’Escogriffe, a small show bar on St-Denis in the heart of the Plateau in Montreal, to check out local artists We Are Monroe. This show was to celebrate the release of their song “Modern Day Gentleman” and its accompanying video, which can be seen below.

Upon my arrival, I could tell that we were going to witness something very cool as the place was already packed, the audience waiting in anticipation. Many folk arrived early to enjoy some “pops” before the big show. Once everyone was socially lubricated, it was time to get the show started.

By The Fiends-2
By The Fiends

By The Fiends had the honour of kicking off the show. Not knowing this act, I was excited to hear what was to be offered. The first song played was a somber, which felt weird and somewhat out of place considering the type of music that would be played by the headliner. By The Fiends definitely has a niche sound that is not for everyone. As I am not particularly familiar with this genre of music, I can’t sit here and tell you whether it’s good or bad. It’s definitely not up my alley. The last song played really felt like it was put together by a toddler as it was all over the place. There was no flow, nor were there harmonies. As my mom would say, it was just noise! But that was only one song… The highlight for me was “Crash & Burn.” I definitely suggest making up your own mind about this band by checking them out here.

We Are Monroe-9
We Are Monroe

Finally, around 11pm, We are Monroe came to the stage ready to rock, and that they did. This was my second time seeing them; the first was a few weeks ago when they opened up for The Red Rails at O Patro Vys. This time they came out swinging, each song hitting you like a Mike Tyson punch of awesomeness.

From the first note, I knew I was in for a good time, and with every song they got better and better, leading up to the reason we were all there – the release of Modern Day Gentleman, a great song that displays their talents. In addition, the video shows that one can be great and get a haircut at the same time! There is nothing more bad ass than being able to sing while having a barber cut your hair!

This band is just so damn good. I could go and critique every little thing about this performance, but, in the end, all I can do is recommend you check them out and get the live experience. What type of music do they play? They describe it as alternative/ post-punk revival. I just call it good music. Their sound is similar to that of The Killers, so if you like them, you will love We Are Monroe. You need to listen to this band. Do it now and thank me later. You won’t regret it.

There is something about the band that makes them stand out. They are humble; singer Pat Gomes could not stop thanking everyone for coming out and supporting them between songs. I’ve got news for you, Pat. You’re going to be thanking many more fans in the future, as the show these guys put on is a genuine good time.

I could definitely tell these guys have talent, and with perseverance and hard work, they should be able to make waves in the music industry. I feel lucky to have been seen them in this intimate setting because I am sure they will be playing bigger gigs in the future.

If you’re in the Ottawa region this week, they are playing at the Ottawa Folk Festival, opening for Foster The People on Wednesday, September 10th,2014, at 6pm.

Written and Photographed by Eric Brisson      Eric Brisson Photography

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