Montreal Artist Alessia Releases New Video “Wanderlust” off of EP Rebirth

Montreal Artist Alessia Releases New Video “Wanderlust” off of  EP Rebirth released November 3rd and can be streamed here.

About Alessia:

Alessia is a Montreal pianist, keyboardist and composer. She started playing the piano at the age of 10 and pursued classical music studies at the renowned Music Conservatory “A. Toscanini”, in Italy.

​In 2014, she received a keytar as a birthday gift from her parents. She took the instrument to Montreal’s stages, performing in some of the city’s most popular pubs and iconic venues and giving the keytar new life. This is the theme of her debut solo instrumental EP “Rebirth”.

​Alessia was featured in Panoram Italia Magazine and Concordia University Magazine for her achievements as a musician.​ Her music is inspired mainly by movie soundtracks, classical, and symphonic metal.

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